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The 2021 observer selection for cross-border information is underway, come and share your No.1!Image source: Hugo Observer

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The 2021 Cross border Sail Away Observer Selection is underway, come and cast your No.1 in your heart!

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yearSelectionActivity Rules

The awards for this annual observer selection include 6 awards, including Annual Potential Observer, Annual Creative Observer, Annual Emerging Observer, Annual Active Observer, Annual Most Influential Observer, and Annual Fruit Song Observer. The annual potential observer and annual creative observer include user assistance and voting sessions. After participating in assistance and voting, users can participate in a lottery.

Result announcement:

The comprehensive scores and awards will be announced on December 31st and will be published on the 2021 Observer Special Page and Hugo Observer Official Account.

Participation methodsLucky Draw

Users can participate in the lucky draw by voting, winning 100% of the prize. The prizes include cross-border practical tools, products, Hugo Observer limited edition peripherals, and many other excellent gifts.

The prize details are as follows

The 2021 Observer Selection for Sailing Away is underway, come and cast your No.1 in your heart!

(Image source: Hugo Observer)

Click to participate in voting:Gratitude Leader | 2021 Hugo Observer Selection

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(Source: Official account of Hugo Observer)

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