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Globalization of Chinese companies

Yuanqi Forest broke into the top 10 Amazon bubble water in the United States for the first time.36 Krypton learned that in the middle of December 2021, the aluminum cans bubble water of Yuanqi Forest overseas version broke into the top 10 of the Amazon bubble water bestseller list in the United States, and at the same time, it was the top 3 of the new product list of the track. Yuanqi Forest became the only Chinese beverage brand to enter the list. So far, Yuanqi forest products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions around the world, and more than 20 types of overseas beverage products have been launched, which have been sold to 36 countries and regions, including Australia, Britain, France, Singapore and Vietnam.

Sensor Tower: 34 Chinese manufacturers were included in the Top 100 list of global mobile game publishers in December 2021.36 Krypton learned that the Sensor Tower store information platform showed that the revenue ranking of Chinese mobile game publishers in the global App Store and Google Play in December 2021. In this period, a total of 34 Chinese manufacturers were listed in the top 100 revenue list of global mobile game publishers, attracting nearly 2.1 billion dollars in total, accounting for 35.6% of the revenue of the top 100 mobile game publishers.

Southeast Asia

Vietnam Digital Bank Timo received financing of 20 million US dollars.According to e27, this round of financing is led by Square Peg, with Phoenix Holdings, Jungle Ventures and Granite Oak participating. It is reported that Timo, founded in 2015, is one of the earliest digital banks in Vietnam, providing a variety of banking services including payment, transfer, deposit and bank card management.

VinFast, a Vietnamese car company, plans to start a comprehensive transformation of electric vehicles by the end of 2022.According to Tech in Asia, from the end of 2022, VinFast under Vingroup, a Vietnamese enterprise group, will stop producing internal combustion engine vehicles and fully transform into electric vehicles. VinFast is the first local automobile brand in Vietnam, which will become the top five automobile brands in Vietnam in 2020, and three new intelligent electric SUVs will be launched in 2021.


Fractal AI, an Indian AI company, received financing of US $360 million。 According to The Economic Times, the investor of this round of financing is TPG. It is reported that Fractal AI is a global provider of artificial intelligence and advanced analysis solutions, with more than 3500 employees in 16 countries/regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, India, Singapore and Australia. The newly raised funds in this round will be used for further research and development of technology.

Rupifi, an Indian financial technology enterprise, received financing of 25 million US dollars.According to TechCrunch, this round of investment is led by Tiger Global and Bessemer Venture Partners, followed by Quona Capital and Ankur Capital. Founded in 2020, Rupifi is a digital B2B platform that provides small businesses with loans, working capital and payment services. The company currently provides "buy first, pay later" services to multiple markets, and hopes to use this fund to expand its B2B payment services.

Europe and America

Qualcomm, together with Microsoft, will develop AR to expand the meta universe market.According to The Verge, Qualcomm announced that it will work with Microsoft to build AR devices. Qualcomm CEO An Meng said that in the future, in addition to hardware cooperation, the two sides will also work together to develop meta universe related software to accelerate the expansion of the meta universe market. In addition, Qualcomm also announced the expansion of its automotive product line to the smart car market.

The New York Times announced its US $550 million acquisition of the sports news website The Athletic.According to ESPN, the New York Times announced on Thursday that it would acquire The Athletic, a sports news subscription website. The value of this transaction is about 550 million dollars, which is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2022. A person familiar with the matter said that the New York Times would be interested in acquiring The Athletic because this transaction would expand the potential subscriber range of The New York Times. The New York Times said in a statement released on Thursday that After the acquisition, The Athletic will continue to operate as an independent website.

Australia and New Zealand

Woolworth, an Australian supermarket giant, withdrew its proposal to acquire API, a pharmacy operator.According to 61 Financial, Woolworth announced that it had withdrawn its acquisition proposal for Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Limited (API), a pharmacy operator. After a period of due diligence, Woolworth believed that the transaction could not bring it sufficient financial return. API is an Australian pharmaceutical distributor and health and beauty retailer. Its services include wholesale product delivery, retail services, marketing planning and business consulting services. As Woolworth withdraws from the bidding, it will put its competitor Westfarmers in a leading position in API acquisition.

James Hardie CEO, an Australian building materials company, was fired.According to 61 Financial, James Hardie, an Australian building materials company, announced on Friday that Jack Truong, its CEO, would be dismissed and immediately quit because employees were worried about his work related interactions. The Board noted that this action was taken to help maintain the continuity of the management team. In addition, the company said Harold Wiens would be appointed interim CEO and Michael Hammes would be appointed executive chairman.

Latin America

Live Green Co, a Chilean food technology startup, won a $7 million pre A round of financing.According to Labs, this round of financing is led by DRADS Capital and co invested by Draco Capital, Fondo Alerce Venture Capital and NOA Capital. The new funds will be used by Live Green Co to set up a US headquarters, establish a B2B licensing partnership in the US, and strengthen the company's intellectual property protection. The Live Green Co, founded in 2018, is developing an AI recommendation engine called Charaka. This engine combines its so-called "information and data on plant nutrition left by ancestors" and machine learning technology to provide natural plant substitutes for additives in food. At present, it has successfully cooperated with Sigma and other global food manufacturers.

Middle East

Polar Rabbit Express announced the official operation of its express network in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.Krypton learned that Polar Rabbit Express officially announced the launch of express network operations in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. It is reported that the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are the first countries covered by Polar Rabbit Express in the Middle East. So far, the global express service network of Jitu Express has expanded to 10 countries.


Ghana medical technology startup mPharma received a round D financing of 35 million US dollars.According to TechCrunch, investors in this round of financing include JAM Fund, Bharti Global Limited, Lux Capital and Social Capital. This new fund will be used for the expansion of talent teams and the exploration of new markets. It is reported that mPharma, founded in 2013, is responsible for managing the prescription drug inventory and retail pharmacy operation of pharmacies and their suppliers, and providing market intelligence to hospitals, pharmacies and patients.


Samsung said its operating profit in the fourth quarter would reach $11.4 billion, less than expected.According to Phoenix. com, Samsung Electronics released preliminary results in the fourth quarter of 2021. Samsung said that its revenue in the fourth quarter was expected to be 76.00 trillion won (about 63.023 billion US dollars), an increase of 23.48% year on year, 2.73% higher than the 73.98 trillion won in the third quarter; Operating profit is expected to be 13.80 trillion won (about 11.444 billion US dollars), an increase of 52.49% year on year and a decrease of 12.77% month on month. The profit data was less than expected. Previously, analysts expected Samsung's operating profit in the fourth quarter to set a new record.

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