Sailing Daily | Biopharmaceutical upstream enterprise "Jinyi Shengshi" won hundreds of millions of yuan of B+round financing; Apple's market value exceeded $3 trillion for the first time


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Globalization of Chinese companies

The upstream biopharmaceutical enterprise "Jinyi Shengshi" won several hundred million yuan of B+round financing.36 Krypton learned that this round of financing was jointly led by Huatai International and CICC Qiyuan, followed by CICC Chuanyu and Kexing Holding, and the old shareholders Jingwei Venture Capital, Huarui Investment, Sherpa Investment, CITIC Medical Fund and Xiamen Jianfa continued to increase their investment. Gelu Capital continued to serve as the exclusive financial adviser. This round of financing will be mainly used to expand the production capacity of disposable bioreactors and reaction bags, accelerate the research and development of new disposable bioreactors and supporting products, downstream equipment and consumables, and be used for the construction of French research and development center and the expansion of overseas sales teams.

The 3D printer manufacturing company "Snapmaker" was specially funded by the cross-border e-commerce independent station.36 Krypton learned that recently, the Shenzhen Commerce Bureau issued a notice on the publicity of projects to be funded (rewarded) by the central foreign trade and economic development special fund (cross-border e-commerce enterprise market development support matters) in 2021. In the application for the cross-border e-commerce independent station project, the 3D printer manufacturing company "Snapmaker" received 1.97 million yuan of project funding. According to the official introduction, the project funds obtained by Snapmaker this time will be used for overseas brand building and user experience upgrading to establish a refined and systematic customer relationship management system.

Southeast Asia

In 2021, Thailand will receive 400000 international tourists, and the tourism revenue will not meet the expectation.According to CCTV News, Yutasa, director of the National Tourism Administration of Thailand, said recently that Thailand's total tourism revenue in 2021 would be about 384 billion baht (about 73.3 billion yuan), down 21% from 482 billion baht (about 92 billion yuan) in 2020. Among them, the number of domestic tourists in Thailand is about 90 million, bringing tourism revenue of 360 billion baht (about 68.7 billion yuan); The number of international tourists is about 400000, and the tourism income is about 24 billion baht (about 4.58 billion yuan). On November 1, 2021, after Thailand reopened its doors to receive international tourists, 268000 international tourists entered the country, accounting for 72% of all inbound tourists.

UpBanx, an Indonesian financial technology startup, completed a pre seed round of financing of 5.2 million US dollars.According to Tech in Asia, the investors in this round of financing include Y Combinator, Alpha JWC Ventures and Alto Partners, as well as several angel investors. It is reported that after this round of financing, the valuation of UpBanx has reached 120 million dollars. UpBanx, which began operation in June 2021, is a platform for content creators, artists and freelancers to provide fund management services.


Exotel, an Indian cloud phone company, received a round D financing of 40 million US dollars.According to The Economic Times, this round of financing is led by Steadview Capital. After this round of financing, Exotel has raised about US $100 million in the past 15 months. This Bangalore based company was founded in 2011 and its customers include Ola, Flipkart, Gojek and HDFC Bank. The company provides voice and SMS contact center functions to help enterprises manage their customers through the cloud.

Groyyo, an Indian B2B manufacturing and automation startup, completed a $4.6 million seed round financing.According to The Economic Times, the investor of this round of financing is Alpha Wave Incubation under Falcon Edge Capital, India. This fund will be used by Groyyo to build a talent team and expand to the US and Middle East markets. Groyyo was founded in July 2021, mainly through artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency of decentralized small-scale manufacturing enterprises. At present, it provides 200 small and medium-sized enterprises with digital operation services.

Europe and America

Apple's market value exceeded $3 trillion for the first time.According to the website of the Financial Times in San Francisco, on Monday, January 3, US Eastern Time, Apple's share price once exceeded $182.856 and its market value briefly exceeded $3 trillion. Apple's US stock closed the day at US $182.01, up 2.5%. In 2021, Apple's stock price rose 34%, making it the largest component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It is reported that it took less than 16 months for Apple's market value to rise by 1 trillion dollars.

Ford beat Tesla to become the best performing stock in the automotive industry in 2021.According to Sina Finance, Ford's share price soared nearly 140% last year, beating Tesla, General Motors and many new electric vehicle start-ups to become the best performing stock among automobile manufacturers in 2021. Ford CEO Jim Farley promised to be more open and transparent to investors. He also launched the "Ford+" restructuring plan to transfer more resources to manufacturing electric vehicles, such as the upcoming F-150 Lightning pickup EV.

Australia and New Zealand

The initial phase of the Rincon project under Argosy, an Australian lithium miner, has progressed more than half.According to 61 Financial, Argosy, an Australian lithium miner, announced on Tuesday that its Rincon lithium project in Salta Province, Argentina, has completed 53% of the 2000 t/a lithium carbonate production and operation project. According to the plan, the project includes three major phases of engineering, which are design, construction and commissioning. At present, all the projects in the design stage have been completed, 55% in the construction stage have been completed, and 13% of the factory commissioning projects (including raw material procurement and bidding) have been completed. In addition, Argosy will start to produce 99.5% high-purity battery grade lithium carbonate products for the first time in the middle of 2022.

Australia Zero Carbon Lithium Company Vulcan obtained 5 new exploration licenses.According to 61 Financial, Vulcan, an Australian zero carbon lithium company, announced on Tuesday that it had obtained five new exploration licenses for geothermal energy and lithium in the Upper Rhine River basin in the Black Forest region in southern Germany. This will increase the licensed area of the company by nearly 50% to more than 1000 square kilometers. It is reported that in recent months, Vulca also signed a binding off take agreement on lithium hydroxide with Volkswagen Group, Stellantis, Renault Group and Umicore, several auto industry giants, and LG Energy Solution, a battery subsidiary of LG Chem in South Korea.

Latin America

Argentine venture capital firm Alaya Capital launched its third $100 million fund.According to Contxto, Alaya Capital has launched its third $100 million fund to invest in Latin American startups. Alaya plans to use the fund for seed round and round A financing, and estimates that it will invest in about 25 new companies in the next 3-5 years. Alaya will seek to invest in start-ups in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, but is also open to entrepreneurial opportunities in regions that are less prominent in the entrepreneurial ecosystem (such as the Caribbean).


CEBR: The global economy will grow by about 4% in 2022.According to Sina, the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), a British think tank, predicted that under the influence of inflation, Omikjon and the supply chain crisis, oil prices would rise quite strongly. The world economy will be affected by the supply chain crisis and the rapidly spreading Omicron variety at the beginning of this year, but the global economy is still expected to grow by about 4% in 2022. In contrast, the agency's valuation for 2021 is 5.1%.

LG New Energy began to accept subscription from investors, or become the largest IPO in Korean history.According to the interface report, LG New Energy plans to sell about 42.5 million shares at a price of 257000 to 300000 won (about 216.19-252.36 dollars) per share, raising $9.2 billion to $10.8 billion, breaking the record of 4.9 trillion won (about 4.12 billion dollars) issued by Samsung Life Insurance in 2010. LG New Energy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LG Chem Ltd., supplying for Tesla, General Motors, Hyundai Motor, etc.

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