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Globalization of Chinese companies

Ministry of Commerce: The scale of China's foreign trade is expected to reach US $6 trillion in 2021.According to Xinhua News Agency, Ren Hongbin, Vice Minister of Commerce, said at the press conference held by the State Council Information Office on the 30th that the scale of China's foreign trade will reach a new level in 2021. It is expected to reach US $6 trillion for the whole year. Compared with 2020, the increase is expected to reach US $1.3 trillion, which is the sum of the increase in the past 10 years and has achieved the goal of stable quantity and quality.

Transformation Science and Clinical Pharmacology CRO Company "Andu Biology" completed a round of B+financing of more than 60 million US dollars.36 Krypton learned that this round of financing was led by Heyu Capital, and the old shareholders Sequoia China, Hillhouse Venture Capital and Kaifeng Venture Capital followed. The funds obtained from this round of financing will mainly be used to implement the global development strategy of Andu Biology, strengthen the full chain service system of transformation science characterized by clinical pharmacology, expand laboratory services dominated by biological analysis globally, and expand clinical pharmacology trials and early clinical research and development businesses.

Southeast Asia

CEO of Indonesian e-commerce giant Bukalapak will resign.According to Nikkei reports, Bukalapak announced on Wednesday that its CEO would resign less than two years after taking over the post, and then would serve in the government. Bukalapak said in a statement that the company had received a resignation letter from CEO Rachmat Kaimuddin on Tuesday. Kaimuddin became CEO of Bukalapak in January 2020, succeeding Achmad Zaky, then CEO and co-founder. Under his leadership, Bukalapak successfully launched an IPO and was listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange in August this year.

Masan Group in Vietnam added coffee counters and bank outlets in convenience stores.According to DealStreetAsia, the Vietnamese retailer Masan Group will add coffee counters and bank outlets in most of its convenience stores, build one-stop shops, and reduce customer flow in response to the epidemic. Masan plans to renovate more than 1000 stores of WinMart Plus in 2022. In addition, 700 to 1000 new stores will be opened next year, which will expand the number of stores of the chain to 3600. Masan was founded in 2004, focusing on food. At the end of 2019, Masan took over about 3000 VinMart mini supermarkets and VinMart Plus convenience stores from Vingroup, the largest listed company in the country.


MobiKwik, an Indian mobile payment company, completed pre IPO financing of US $13.43 million.According to Inc42, the investor of this round of financing is Bennett Coleman and Company Limited of India. According to the latest regulatory documents, MobiKwik has been approved to allot 883159 shares to Bennett Coleman and Company Limited. It is reported that MobiKwik's main product is an electronic wallet, and users can use online payment to recharge their mobile phones, pay bills and other daily payments. MobiKwik's other businesses include online recharge and payment, transfer, consumption voucher collection and ticketing services.

SecureNow, an Indian insurance technology startup, received US $6 million in financing.According to Inc42, the investors in this round of financing are Apis Insight Fund I and Charan Singh, founder of SelectQuote. The new funds will be used to expand business operations. Founded in 2011, SecureNow currently provides services to 25000 small enterprises in 150 regions through the end-to-end insurance technology platform, and aims to expand its customer base to more than 1 million enterprises in the next three years.

Europe and America

AMD, an American semiconductor company, is expected to complete the acquisition of Xilinx in 2022 for 35 billion dollars, later than originally expected.According to Reuters, AMD's all stock acquisition of Xilinx for $35 billion is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2022. The two companies said on Thursday that this is somewhat delayed from the target of the end of 2021 previously planned. It is reported that AMD announced this transaction in October, strengthening the competition with its main competitor Intel in the data center chip market.

Voyant Photonics, an innovative US lidar manufacturer, received a round A financing of US $15.4 million.According to TechCrunch, this round of financing is led by UP. Partners and co invested by LDV Capital and Contour Ventures. Voyant Photonics was founded in 2018 and created the technical solution of "optical phased array". By carefully studying and changing the phase of the light wave passing through the chip, a chip that has no moving elements and is smaller than the fingertip can be obtained, which can emit high-speed scanning non visible light in a very wide environment, that is, a lidar system that can be placed on the fingertip.

Australia and New Zealand

Queensland Bank of Australia denied that it was participating in the acquisition of Humm, a "buy first, pay later" service provider.According to 61 Financial, the Bank of Queensland, Australia, released an announcement on Thursday, denying the media's speculation about its acquisition of Humm, a "buy first, pay later" service provider. On December 20, Humm indicated in the announcement on that day that it had received all or part of the share acquisition proposal from a third-party company, but did not provide details about the acquisition. The company intends to contact these proposals to determine whether they can become final proposals in the best interests of Humm and its shareholders. Earlier, some media speculated that Queensland Bank was in contact with Humm on the acquisition, and suggested that the bank had hired Goldman Sachs to start early discussions on the acquisition of Humm.

Australian mining tycoon Andrew Forrest invested billions of Australian dollars in Bacardi Cheese.According to ACB News, Andrew Forrest, the head of Fortescue Metals Group, increased his shareholding in the Australian dairy group Bega Cheese Ltd. In the six weeks since November 10, Tattarang, a private investment group under Forrest, has invested a total of 108 million Australian dollars (about 78 million US dollars) to buy more than 20 million shares of Bacardi Cheese. It is reported that the epidemic blockade has had a serious impact on the food service business of Bacardi Cheese, and the company's operation has been blocked. The company has suffered from multiple challenges such as factory closure, forced adjustment of operation and logistics planning, substantial increase in costs, and tight supply chain.

Latin America

Latin American English learning platform Slang won a round A financing of 14 million US dollars.According to Contxto, this round of financing is led by Dila Capital and Acumen Latam Impact Ventures, with Salesforce Ventures, Roble Ventures, Impact Engine and the Inter American Development Bank (IDB) participating. It is reported that the new funds will be used to build its technological infrastructure, expand new functions and lay the foundation for its global expansion. It is reported that Slang is a platform for developing professional courses and teaching scientific and business English in various fields. At present, it has more than 130 courses in more than 10 countries/regions. Its headquarters is located in the United States, and it has branches in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, etc.


SK Innovation will build a semiconductor material factory in South Korea with Japan's Toshan, and plans to supply Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, etc.According to the interface report, SK Innovation, a South Korean chemical giant, announced on December 29 that it would jointly build a semiconductor material factory in South Korea with Tosan, Japan. The total investment of the two enterprises is about 120 billion won (about 645 million yuan). SK innovation pursues cutting-edge material manufacturing technology, while Deshan hopes to ensure the sales channels for Korean semiconductor manufacturers, and both parties reach an agreement. According to the information released by the two enterprises, Deshan provides manufacturing technology, and SK is responsible for raw material procurement, plant operation and marketing. It plans to supply to factories of world semiconductor giants such as Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix in South Korea.

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