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Globalization of Chinese companies

The revenue of domestic games going to sea has soared by nearly 20%, and the online game index has soared by nearly 35% since the fourth quarter.According to CCTV News, in recent years, domestic games have become an important source of growth for China's game industry. Data shows that in 2021, the actual sales revenue of China's self-developed games in the overseas market will reach US $18.013 billion, an increase of US $2.563 billion over 2020, with a year-on-year growth of 16.59%. Recently, with the support of the Metauniverse, the game sector has also become one of the sectors with rapid growth in the secondary market. Data shows that since the fourth quarter of this year, the online game index has risen 34.34% by the end of December 22, while the Shanghai Shenzhen 300 index rose 0.99% and the Shanghai Stock Exchange index rose 1.53% over the same period.

Leno Medical Technology acquired Endodoctor, a German endoscope company.36 Krypton learned that Leno Medical Technology announced the full acquisition of Endodoctor, a German endoscope R&D, manufacturing and service enterprise. It is reported that this acquisition is the first overseas acquisition in the field of endoscopes by local medical equipment enterprises in the ear nose throat track. After the acquisition, the German wholly-owned subsidiary Endodoctor will become the R&D, manufacturing and service center of Leno Group in the field of high-end endoscopes. The founding and operating teams of Endodoctor will remain in full charge of R&D, production, maintenance, and commercialization and sales in Europe, the Middle East and other international markets.

Southeast Asia

Vietnam listed company Vingroup will issue bonds to raise $1.5 billion.According to Tech in Asia, Vingroup, Vietnam's largest private enterprise, announced that it is planning to raise $1.5 billion by issuing international bonds next year. The new funds will be used to expand the size of its automotive division, VinFast, and repay loans. In May this year, Vingroup announced that it would close its smartphone and TV production department, Vinsmart, in order to transfer resources to its automobile production department, VinFast. Vingroup, once a real estate and retail enterprise group, has grown into the largest private enterprise in Vietnam. The company also operates health care, education, automobile and smart phone businesses, and plans to enter the field of artificial intelligence.

Singapore private equity firm Northstar Group announced that the final closing price of its fifth fund was US $590 million.According to e27, Singapore private equity firm Northstar Group announced that the closing price of its fifth fund, Northstar Equity Partners V (Northstar V), was US $590 million. With the final closing of the new fund, Northstar Group now manages more than $2.5 billion of committed capital. Northstar V will invest in mature growth companies, and its core investment themes will focus on the main economic growth drivers, including consumption, financial services, the digital economy, and helping the economic recovery under the COVID-19 epidemic.


As of December 20, Indian start-ups had raised nearly 36 billion dollars this year.According to The Economic Times, Preqin, an investment data platform, estimates that the amount of venture capital and private equity financing in 2021 (as of December 20) has tripled to nearly $36 billion, compared with the amount of $11 billion raised by Indian start-ups in 2020. As of December 20, the data showed that among the financing of Indian start-ups this year, seed round financing accounted for the largest proportion, reaching nearly 396 rounds, with a total financing amount of 705.86 million dollars, and round A financing was about 166 rounds, with a financing amount of about 1.67 billion dollars. At the same time, Prequin data shows that most of the financing is pre IPO financing for Zomato, Ola, Policybazaar, Paytm and other companies, with the largest 10 rounds of financing totaling up to $5.58 billion.

Open financing negotiation of Indian digital bank has entered the late stage.According to The Economic Times, the sources said that India Digital Bank Open is in the late stage of negotiations to complete a new round of financing of 1-150 million dollars. If financing is successful, Open's valuation will more than double in two months. It is reported that Open completed a $100 million financing led by Temasek in October. At that time, Open was valued at $500 million. It is reported that the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) is one of the investors negotiating with Open. Open has also received the term sheets of existing investors such as Tiger Global and Temasek to jointly lead the investment in a new round of financing.

Europe and America

Survey: Germany's automobile production in 2021 will be halved compared with that in 2017.According to the German news agency, the survey data released by the German Automobile Research Institute (CAR) recently showed that the production of passenger cars in Germany this year is expected to be 2.85 million, only 50% of the production in 2017, which is also the lowest annual production since the 1974 oil crisis. Industry experts warned that Germany, as a large automobile producing country, is more affected by semiconductor shortage than other automobile producing countries.

TrueCar, an American auto e-commerce company, predicted that Tesla's US sales in the fourth quarter would soar 42.8%.According to Sina Finance, TrueCar, an American auto e-commerce company, said on Wednesday that it is expected that Tesla's sales in the United States in the fourth quarter of this year will reach 97,417, up 42.8% year on year and 28.8% month on month. The company predicted that Tesla's U.S. sales in December would reach 36300 vehicles, up 34.7% year on year, up about 7% from 33980 vehicles in November.

Intel and the Italian government stepped up negotiations to invest nearly 8 billion euros to build a semiconductor factory.According to Reuters, two insiders said that Intel was stepping up negotiations with the Italian government and expected to invest nearly 8 billion euros to build a semiconductor packaging plant. The negotiation situation is complicated at present. The Italian government hopes Intel will clarify its plan in Italy before formally determining conditions such as employment and energy costs. The source said that if both parties reached an agreement, they would start to select the factory location.

Australia and New Zealand

AMP, an Australian financial management company, sold its infrastructure debt platform for US $310 million.According to 61 Financial, the financial management company AMP announced on Friday that its private market business, PrivateMarketsCo, had signed a binding agreement to sell the infrastructure debt platform to Ares Management, an asset management company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, with a total cash consideration of A $428 million (about US $310 million). According to the agreement, PrivateMarketsCo will focus on managing equity investments in real estate and infrastructure, while simplifying its structure to support business growth. AMP plans that this split will create two independent enterprises focusing on their respective investment and operation fields.

New Zealand plant derived foodProducer Life Health Foods seeks to acquire Chalmers Organizations.According to Scoop Business, the New Zealand Commerce Commission has received the application for permission from Life Health Foods. The company will acquire the business and assets of Chalmers Organizations through 100% asset purchase. It is reported that Life Health Foods and Chalmers Organics both supply a series of vegetarian and plant derived foods, including meat substitutes, to supermarkets, retail stores and the catering industry in New Zealand. The brands of Life Health Foods include Bean Supreme, Alternative Meat Co., Vegie Delights and Lisa's, while the brands of Chalmers Organics include Tonzu and Zenzo.

Latin America

EBANX, a Brazilian financial technology company, acquired Remessa Online, a Brazilian international remittance platform, for US $229 million.According to Contxto, this acquisition will complement and accelerate the growth of EBANX business. EBANX was founded in 2012 to provide end-to-end payment solutions for enterprises, especially e-commerce suppliers. Its partners include AliExpress, Spotify and Airbnb. Remessa Online was founded in 2016, focusing on online international remittance business for individuals.

Sumer, a Colombian e-commerce platform, completed a round of pre seed financing of 2 million dollars.According to Contxto, investors in this round of financing include Susa Ventures, 8VC, Marathon Ventures and Broom Ventures, as well as the three founders of Columbia express giant Rappi. Sumer, an emerging e-commerce platform in Latin America, was founded in 2021, promising that small stores can create their online stores on the platform in just 15 seconds. Sumer currently operates in Mexico, Colombia and some countries in Central America.


It is said that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max perforated display will be jointly provided by LG and Samsung。 According to The Elec, next year's iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will use The perforated LPTO OLED display panel provided by Samsung and LG. Samsung will provide all perforated panels for the 6.1 inch iPhone 14 Pro, and share the 6.7 inch iPhone 14 Pro Max order with LG Display for the first time.

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