36 krypton goes to sea for the first time | Education Technology Company, Haidao Education, has completed a round of pre A financing of 10 million yuan to create a better "afterwave"


Author:Deng Yunxi
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36 Krypton went to sea to learn that HD EDUCATION (hereinafter referred to as HD EDU), a Chinese educational technology company, has recently completed a ten million yuan round of Pre-A financing, and the investor is Xianfeng Changqing. It is reported that the funds raised in this round will be mainly used for system improvement, product iteration and talent formation. In addition, HD EDU also received million yuan of capital injection from BlueFocus Group in angel round financing in 2018.

HD EDU was originally a mutual learning platform for international students founded by several students of the University of Sydney. Speaking of his entrepreneurial experience, Wang Wei, the founder and CEO of HD EDU, said: "The study life in Sydney University has made me understand the needs of Chinese students for after-school tutoring. For students who go abroad, the unfamiliar language environment and the requirements for independent learning ability have made" making up lessons "a new need. We started from offline tutorial classes and provided after-school tutoring for students in the form of classes. With the rise of online education, HD EDU has also further moved online to reach more users. "

Today, HD EDU focuses on the post study market, and provides university course guidance, career planning and training, as well as college entrance guidance services for more than 300000 international students going to the UK, the United States, Australia and New Zealand through its online platform. At present, the business of HD EDU has covered more than 40 universities in Britain, America, Australia and New Zealand.

From the perspective of business layout, HD EDU's business is mainly to provide relevant services for the needs of overseas students for extracurricular guidance, job search and related planning, as well as the guidance for graduate students in the whole cycle from enrollment to entering the society. Among them, college course guidance is the core business of HD EDU. The company implements the model of large class teaching combined with small class guidance, which is very consistent with the teaching model of Lecture+Tutorial widely used by overseas universities.

In addition to college course guidance, HD EDU also extends to the field of post study study and job training. According to Wang Wei, most of the users have been trained since they entered the university. From the beginning of students' enrollment, HD EDU will make plans for their subsequent education and career, and continue to provide services to meet the needs of users at different stages.

In terms of revenue, HD EDU's revenue mainly comes from users' subscriptions to the above online tutoring courses. It is understood that the company's current annual total revenue has reached nearly 100 million yuan.

Speaking of the future, Wang Wei said: "In the future, we will still focus on the business development of post study services. We will provide more diversified services for overseas students, the target user group, around their life scenes, learning scenes, and job search scenes. In addition to the UK, America, Australia, and Singapore, we will also layout some non English overseas markets."

At the same time, as the trend of studying abroad is becoming more and more obvious, in order to reach users earlier, HD EDU also hopes to cooperate with international schools, overseas study consulting and other front-end institutions to put the traffic inlet in front.

In recent two years, online education has ushered in the wind, and the impact of the epidemic has also accelerated the development of this track. Compared with the mature and white hot competition environment of the front-end market, the market still has the characteristics of large growth space and continuous increase in demand after studying abroad. According to the industry research report of Dongxing Securities, the market after studying abroad is currently about 300 billion yuan, accounting for about 70% of the entire service industry for studying abroad. Therefore, after studying abroad, the market will become the next "battleground" for studying abroad and educational institutions.

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Cross border information 36 krypton goes to sea for the first time | Education technology company, Haidao Education, has completed 10 million yuan of Pre-A round financing to create a better "afterwave"

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