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Globalization of Chinese companies

Both Tencent Cloud and Alibaba Cloud announced that they will expand their layout in South Korea next year.According to the Asia Daily of South Korea, Tencent Cloud South Korea Branch held an online press conference and said that the year-on-year growth rate of sales, employees and partners in the South Korean market this year exceeded 100%. Next year, it will expand its manpower to twice this year, and expand the scope of its customers in South Korea to content, e-commerce, manufacturing, etc. In addition, Alibaba Cloud also announced in October this year that it will set up its first data center in South Korea. When the Alibaba Cloud data center is completed in the first half of next year, it will provide technology to Korean enterprises in e-commerce, finance, logistics and other fields.

Wei Lai responded to the recruitment in the United States: It is a normal behavior and has set up a software development team in the United States.According to the Daily Economic News, Weilai released the recruitment requirements for 46 new jobs to San Jose, California, and one new job to Seattle, Washington. It is believed that the overseas layout of Weilai may expand to the US market. In this regard, Weilai said: "Since the establishment of the company, a software development team has been set up in San Jose, the United States. This job posting is a normal recruitment behavior."

Southeast Asia

The Singapore international sports event IP "ONE Championships" completed financing of US $150 million.According to e27, the Singapore international sports event IP "ONE Championship" has completed a financing of 150 million US dollars. The new funds plan to help it achieve content diversification, such as reality shows, live fighting, e-sports and other entertainment businesses. Founded in 2011, "ONE Champions" is the largest sports media company in Asia and the largest fighting event organization with its headquarters in Singapore. Up to now, the content of "ONE Champions" has entered more than 150 countries and regions around the world.

Indonesia BRI Ventures invests in the D2C field.According to Tech in Asia, BRI Ventures has begun to invest in D2C brands through its Sembrani Kiqani fund. Sembrani Kiqani's total investment target is up to IDR500 billion (about US $35 million), and plans to provide more D2C and Metauniverse companies with early stage financing in the future. BRI said that Sembrani Kiqani raised funds from local chain brands, family offices and enterprises at the same time. If it gets a positive response from the D2C field, it will increase the total ceiling of the fund.


TBO Tek, an Indian tourism platform, plans to raise US $280 million through IPO.According to Bloomberg, TBO Tek, an Indian tourism platform, is seeking approval from the Indian market regulator to raise up to INR 21 billion (about US $280 million) through IPO. The founders and investors of the company will sell shares worth 12 billion rupees (about 179 million US dollars). In addition, the company plans to raise 9 billion rupees (about US $134 million) through the sale of new shares, and 1.8 billion rupees (about US $27 million) through the pre IPO placement. TBO's parent company is TBO Tek. The main market of the platform is India. In the past three years, it has expanded its business to the Middle East and Africa, and has offices in China, the Netherlands and the United States.

Mamaearth, an online mother and baby care brand in India, acquired the content platform Mompresso.According to The Economics Times, Honasa Consumer, the parent company of India's online mother and baby care brand Mamaearth, said that it had acquired the women's content platform Mompresso and its online celebrity marketing platform Mompresso MyMoney, with an undisclosed amount. Momspresso will use the new funds obtained through acquisition to build teams, strengthen data capabilities and technology investment to expand scale and improve efficiency. Mamaearth was founded in 2016. In July this year, it completed the financing of 50 million US dollars led by Sofina. After financing, it was valued at 730 million US dollars. It is one of the most valuable new era D2C brands in India.

Europe and America

Intel plans to increase its production capacity in Ireland, Israel and the United States from 2023-2024.According to Sina Finance, some media reported that Intel plans to increase its production capacity in Ireland, Israel and the United States from 2023-2024, citing unnamed industry news. According to the report, the company plans to add a new wafer factory in the United States and Europe.

Apple hired the Facebook AR PR director to prepare for the launch of the headset next year.According to Phoenix Technology, well-known journalist Mark Goulman said in his latest "Power On" program that he got the news that Apple has hired Andre Schubert, director of Meta Media and Public Relations, for its AR business. Gullman said that Apple is building a team to be responsible for the launch and marketing of future headwear devices.

The price of German luxury cars set a record, and the revenue of BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz per car "increased by 25% on average".According to the interface report, Stifel Bank's analysis shows that in 2021, the price of luxury models of German high-end car manufacturers will hit a new high. At the time of soaring consumer demand, the shortage of semiconductors will limit the supply of vehicles in major markets. Compared with that before the outbreak in 2019, the average revenue of BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz increased by nearly 25%.

Australia and New Zealand

Due to community protests, Rio Tinto, an Australian mining giant, may suspend its Serbian lithium mine project.According to 61 Financial, Rio Tinto had hoped to develop a mine near Loznica in the Jadar Valley in western Serbia to extract lithium locally. At the end of July, RIO also invested 2.4 billion dollars in the Jadar lithium borate project to diversify its business. At a recent investment seminar, Rio Tinto revealed that it is expected that Jadar will produce lithium for the first time in 2026. According to the previous goal of Jadar, it will produce 58000 tons of battery grade lithium carbonate, 2.16 million tons of boric acid and 255000 tons of sodium sulfate every year. However, due to consideration of environmental damage, the plan was protested by local environmentalists. At the end of November, more than 2000 people demonstrated in the Serbian capital, strongly opposing the lithium mine project that RIO planned to build and develop locally.

The Australian Foreign Investment Review Commission approved the Sydney Airport Acquisition.According to the Daily Telegraph of Britain, the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) of Australia has approved a plan to acquire Sydney Airport for A $23.6 billion (about US $17.06 billion). This is another step forward for the Sydney Airlines Alliance consortium to acquire Sydney Airport. It is reported that in November this year, the passenger flow of Sydney Airport reached 498000, a decrease of 86.7% compared with the same period in 2019. Sydney Airport suffered a loss of AUD 97 million (US $70.12 million) in the first half of 2021, and a loss of AUD 145 million (US $105 million) in 2020.

Latin America

Intuit, an American financial software company, has set up a technology center in Brazil.According to Labs, Intuit, an American financial software company, plans to set up a technology center in Brazil to serve the financial needs of local small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. Intuit provides business and financial management solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, consumers and accounting practitioners. Its products include QuickBooks, GoPayment, Quicken, TurboTax, etc. It entered the Brazilian market in 2015 and introduced QuickBooks into the country in 2019. In Brazil, Intuit has nearly 80,000 customers on its SaaS platform.


Nigerian education technology startup Teesas completed a pre seed round of financing of 1.6 million dollars.According to TechCrunch, Haresh Aswani, general manager of Tolaram Group Africa, led the investment in this round of financing, and Olivegreen Advisory Partners followed the investment. Teesas plans to use this fund to expand new markets, develop one-to-one private course services, and increase product categories. Teesas was founded in the second half of 2021. Its teaching on the platform is consistent with the national curriculum in Nigeria. The monthly subscription fee is $6, which is provided to students in the form of live and recorded lessons. In addition to the regular school curriculum, the startup also offers local language courses.


LG Energy will raise the price of power battery.According to the market news of Sina Finance, LG Energy Solution (also known as LG New Energy) plans to raise the quotation of cylindrical battery cells by 10% in January next year. In addition, according to the distributor yesterday, the price of Samsung SDI's 21700 cylindrical battery cell (one of the most commonly used models) rose by 7% - 8% last month. The two companies mentioned that there is a possibility of further price increase next year. This is the first time that the price of cylindrical battery has risen sharply since it was sold in South Korea.

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