Newbie continues to move south to build the largest automated storage system in Southeast Asia for Thailand Flash Express


Author:Chang Weiqian
Source: 36kr

Recently, the newcomer is Flash Express, a Thai express company Build the largest automated storage system in Southeast Asia.

It is reported that the warehouse applies flexible automation technology, and the warehouse capacity can be adjusted according to the actual unit quantity to meet the needs of business development and expansion. At present, the average daily package handling volume of the warehouse is about 6000. During the promotion of e-commerce, the daily package handling capacity can be adjusted to 20000.

Flash Group, which cooperates with Cainiao this time, is the first unicorn company in Thailand and the second largest private enterprise in Thailand. Founded in 2018, the company mainly has two business lines: the logistics platform Flash Express and the warehousing solution Flash Fulfillment. The peak daily order volume of the logistics platform Flash Express exceeds 2 million.

Flash Group to dateRound E financing has been completedThe total financing amount is about 350 million US dollars. Alibaba eWTP Fund has participated in multiple rounds of investment. According to 36 Krypton Sailing, Di Weijie, COO of Flash Group, was formerly the technical director of Alipay, responsible for developing and building Alipay scanning payment and PUSH systems.

Since the beginning of globalization in 2018, Newbie Logistics Technology has been implemented in Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Russia and other places in the form of eHub, overseas warehouses, distribution centers, terminal distribution networks, etc. At the Global Smart Logistics Summit held in June 2021, rookie CEO Wan Lin proposed three increments of logistics - digital and intelligent logistics, from consumer supply chain to industrial supply chain, and the impact of Chinese logistics enterprises on global logistics volume.

Based on this, rookies have made a new round of upgrading and adjustment. Among them, Southeast Asia, which has always been regarded as a "bridgehead" in the layout of the Ali system going to sea, took the lead in welcoming changes. In June 2021, Cainiao began to test run cross-border express service in Southeast Asia, and then announced plans to expand its warehousing network in Southeast Asia.

At almost the same time today, the novice side announced the opening of the China Vietnam direct flight line for the first time. Lazada's Chinese goods can arrive in Vietnam within three hours at the earliest.

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The new cross-border e-commerce platform continues to move south to build the largest automated storage system in Southeast Asia for Thailand Flash Express

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