36 Krypton Launches | PacPort Announces to Complete Round A Financing and Solve the Secondary Distribution Problem of Japanese Express Industry with Internet of Things+Cloud Technology


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36 Krypton Sailing learned that PacPort, the supplier of the "last mile" solution, had recently completed round A financing, which was the exclusive strategic investment of Aiphone, Japan's largest access control communication system brand. The company said that in addition to financing, PacPort will also reach deep cooperation with Aiphone in business.

Founded in Japan in May 2018, PacPort is an enterprise that uses the Internet of Things and cloud technology to alleviate labor shortages and redistribution problems in the housing sector. At present, the core products of the company are smart locks for express boxes and back-end cloud processing technology, which have been patented for a variety of application scenarios. In February 2019, PacPort established a subsidiary in Shenzhen, mainly responsible for software research and development.

It is understood that PacPort was founded by Mr. Shen Ye, the current president and representative director. Mr. Shen Ye once worked in Kyocera Japan and Huawei Japan Branch, and was responsible for mobile phone software development, 2B sales of communication terminals and network equipment. He was the marketing director of USB data cards, PocketWiFi, electronic photo frames and other products that were once popular in the Japanese market. It is reported that other core members of the company have experience in market development or operation management of communication products.

Japan is a typical aging society with few children and service first, so there is a certain market particularity in the last kilometer delivery of express delivery. On the one hand, in the express industry, which is highly dependent on human resources, the problem of labor shortage is more prominent under the continuous growth of e-commerce scale; On the other hand, there is a contradiction between Japan's high requirements for service quality and the improvement of delivery efficiency.

For example, before the epidemic, the delivery of goods by couriers to users was considered a necessary part of high-quality service. Generally, the delivery of the package can be ended only after the signature of the addressee. The courier is not allowed to place the package at the door of the residence without authorization. The express company needs to temporarily keep the package for re delivery.

According to the company, the secondary distribution rate of Japanese residential distribution is about 11% (15% before the normalization of home office), and about 20% of packages need to be delivered three or even four times. This business practice not only reduces efficiency and increases cost, but also causes more unnecessary carbon emissions.

In response to the above situation, PacPort has developed an intelligent receiving platform based on cloud services, and customized corresponding solutions for apartment buildings, shared offices and supermarkets without package delivery equipment.

  • The independent residential PacPort provides a smart lock with an independent express box, which can receive multiple packages from different express companies. The express information can be centrally managed through the mobile phone APP, with insurance attached;
  • For the access control apartment, PacPort has reached a cooperation with the real estate developer to install a flexible assembled express cabinet in the apartment building. At the same time, with PacPort cloud technology, couriers can enter the residential building by unlocking the access control system through the parcel number;
  • For the shared office, PacPort provides a shared smart lock and associated APP for the express box that integrates sending and receiving functions;
  • For the retail industry, PacPort has achieved API docking with the online supermarket app, allowing users to pick up goods from takeout boxes equipped with PacPort smart locks after placing orders.
The cross-border e-commerce platform 36 krypton goes to sea for the first time | PacPort announced the completion of round A financing to solve the secondary distribution problem of the Japanese express industry with the Internet of Things+cloud technology
Source of retail scenario solution: provided by enterprises

The investor Aiphone Company (Department 1 of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market) was established in 1948. It is a Japanese hardware developer with doorbell system as the core, manufacturing and selling access control equipment, walkie talkies and other system products. It is understood that Aiphone is the company with the highest market share of Japan's internal communication system.

Next, PacPort and Aiphone will carry out in-depth cooperation in product development, market expansion, etc., to provide more efficient express services for apartment users, and also help express companies improve the delivery efficiency of the "last mile", thereby reducing carbon emissions.

It is understood that at present, Japan's leading real estate developers have adopted the PacPort solution, and related new apartment buildings will be sold in the near future. In the future, PacPort and Aiphone plan to continue to expand their cooperation with Japan's leading logistics express companies and jointly develop new businesses, with a view to promoting the solution nationwide in Japan.

Article | Chang Weiqian

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