Steel Pipe Welding Process Assessment Weld Shape Test Report Thermal Stability Testing


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Purpose of welding process evaluation: 1. Assess whether the welding unit is capable of welding joints that meet the requirements of relevant or industry standards and technical specifications; 2. Verify whether the welding process rules (WPs or PWPs) formulated by the welding unit are correct. 3. Provide a reliable technical basis for formulating formal welding process books or welding process cards. Standard for Process Evaluation Domestic Standard 102NB/T47014-201102 “Evaluation of Welding Process for Pressure Equipment” 202G236-9802 “Field Equipment, Industrial Pipe Welding Engineering Construction and Pressure Pipeline Process Assessment” 3 “Steam Boiler Safety Technical Supervision Regulations (1996)” Note: Lifting industry process evaluation borrows this standard 402SY/T0452-2002 “Petroleum and gas pipeline welding process evaluation” (note: for petroleum, chemical process evaluation) 502G661-200102 “Steel structure welding specification” (note: highway and bridge process evaluation can be carried out with reference) 602SY/T4103-2006 “Steel pipe welding and acceptance” 7.JB4708-2000 “Steel pressure vessel welding process evaluation”. European standard EN0228802 or ISO021560702-02 ISO021560702-02 ISO0215614 Series Arc Welding and Air Welding of Steel/Arc Welding of Nickel and Nickel Alloys ISO15614-2 Arc Welding of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys ISO15614-3 Cast Iron Arc ISO15614-4 Repair Welding of Cast Aluminum ISO15614-5 Titanium and Titanium Alloys Arc Welding/ Arc Welding of Zirconium and Zirconium Alloys ISO15614-6 Arc Welding of Copper and Copper Alloys ISO15614-7 Surfacing Welding ISO15614-8 Welding of Pipe Joints and Plate Joints 1. AWSD1.1/D1.1M: 200502 Steel Structure Welding Procedure D1.2/D1.2M: 200302 Aluminum Structure Welding Procedure D1.3-9802 Sheet Steel Structural Welding Procedure D1.5/ D1.5M: 200202 Bridge Welding D1. 6:199902 Stainless Steel Welding D14.3/D14.3M: 200502 Hoisting Machinery Welding Regulations Welding evaluation units shall keep the technical files related to the welding process evaluation and the silent specimen of the welding process evaluation until the welding process fails. Scope of application of welding process evaluation: 1. It is suitable for the manufacture, installation and maintenance of steel equipment such as boilers, pressure vessels, pressure pipes, bridges, ships, spacecraft, nuclear energy and load-bearing steel structures. 2. Suitable for gas welding, electrode arc welding, tungsten argon arc welding, melting gas shielded welding, submerged arc welding, plasma arc welding, slag welding and other welding. Process: 1, welding process evaluation 2, propose welding process evaluation project 3, draft welding process plan 4, welding process evaluation test grid welding process evaluation report (example) grid welding process evaluation report (example) 5, prepare welding process evaluation report 6, prepare welding process rules (process card 02 process card work book) welding process evaluation basic requirements: pipeline component manufacturing unit or pipeline When evaluating the welding process, the installation unit shall meet the following basic requirements: 1. Welding pipe components meet the requirements of relevant standards. 2. The welding process evaluation specimens are operated by skilled licensed welders of the evaluation unit. 3. Welding tools and equipment must meet the relevant requirements, and the instruments used should be in normal working condition within the validity period of the calibration. 4. The operating procedures for the cutting, scraping, matching and refining of the specimens used shall comply with the relevant regulations. 5. The inspection and testing of welding process evaluation specimens shall be carried out by welders or relevant institutions. The testing agency must keep relevant inspection and test records, issue inspection or test reports, and be responsible for the inspection and test quality. 6. The evaluation unit prepares the welding process evaluation report according to the inspection and test report.

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