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Hydraulic home villa elevator 1, home villa elevator hall door and car door maintenance, hydraulic home villa elevator hall door and car door capacity problems occur. In order for the home villa elevator to make an unpleasant sound during operation and the opening of the door, then refueling on the gantry must be done to maintain good lubricity. Household villa elevator doors open and close frequently, and the switch wire is easily damaged. This needs to be checked frequently. If safety hazards are found, be sure to replace them as soon as possible. 2. Hydraulic household villa elevator equipment needs regular maintenance. Maintenance staff are requested to inspect, repair, replace, etc. the equipment parts in the elevator operation through the equipment to ensure the safe operation of the elevator. The process is generally relatively simple. Maintenance staff need to observe, inspect and test the elevator equipment through their own senses. 3. Maintenance of the control screen of the hydraulic household villa elevator. The household elevator checks the correctness of its work when the tractor is out of power. Use a soft brush or hair dryer to remove dust from the printed board, the plug-ins on it and all electronic components, and check the status of the electromagnetic switch contacts, the insulation of the outer surface of the coil, and the reliability of the mechanical interlocking action; the places where the contactor and relay contacts are ablated should be treated with a fine sandcloth and wiped clean. Check, verify, and adjust the contacts so that they have a certain clearance, good contact, proper pressure, and proper operating margin; when the traction motor is overloaded for a long period of time, the thermal relay may operate and will cut off the traction motor power. At this point, the thermal relay needs to be manually reset. Ascend hydraulic home villa elevator products have a free warranty of 2 years, free maintenance for 1 year, free on-site maintenance for 3-4 times a year. If there is a problem with the equipment, the drive system of the elevator is the core component of the elevator, and directly determines the performance and quality of the product. Hydraulic, traction, and screw are the three driving methods currently used in household elevators. There are many factors that affect the price of household elevators, such as brand, size, number of floors, door opening methods, etc. The price of the same elevator in different apartment types will also be different. Household elevators of each brand are divided into their own hoists or without shafts, depending on the model, and the price gap also changes. Small home elevators The quality of household elevators is generally divided into three grades: low, medium, and high. The classification of elevator grades is usually determined based on the drive system, material, environmental protection, performance, comfort, safety, durability of components, sense of quality, etc. Overall, the price of imported elevators is higher than that of domestic elevators. Smallest home sightseeing elevator 1. The minimum frame size: 680*980mm, so that you can really have a small home sightseeing elevator with a small size and a large space. 2. There is no need to damage the existing decoration, the high space utilization rate is high, there is no need for a separate computer room, and there is no need to damage the existing decoration of the house. The integrated shaft design is adopted, which greatly improves the utilization rate of space in the home. Three, four sides sightseeing, exquisite fashion You can choose to use glass exterior decoration, four-sided sightseeing, all-round matching your residence, feel the warmth of home, feel comfortable, make your life simpler and happier 4, safe and reliable, stable and comfortable operation Ascend small home sightseeing elevator minimum top height 2350mm, load 300kg, running speed 0.15-0.3m/s, lifting height 12 meters, Ascend Small Home Sightseeing Elevator has 10 years of manufacturing experience. Advantages of household elevators: 1. Simple structure and high reliability. 2. Stable operation, the most stable structure of all household elevators. 3. The noise is low (the steel belt transmission medium is lower than the steel wire rope and chain running sound). 4. It can be made into large cars and heavy loads. Generally, commercial elevators have this structure. Its disadvantage is why not all customers can install it 1. A bottom pit must be required (there must be a square pit at the bottom to install buffers, tensioner wheels, and reserve space for the bottom thickness of the box, etc.). Generally, products have a minimum of 300mm (mm) and 2000mm. Household elevator customers such as the site where the pit cannot be dug down, the upper stack of the stacked villa, and the top floor duplex can simply give up because they cannot make a bottom pit. 2. The height of the top floor needs to be high. You can also see on the picture that all the equipment is on top, and it definitely needs a height. Generally, the minimum is 2800mm, and those with an oblique top or a relatively short top layer can also be abandoned. 3. The space required to pull the elevator is large, and it takes up a lot of space for the villa space. Generally, the location of an elevator installed in a villa is 1500mmX1200mm or smaller. If you do traction because you still have to install counterweight equipment, the car will be relatively small. If the space was even smaller, the car would be unbearable.

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Company name:Jinan Denggao Machinery Co., Ltd
Company address:Taixing East Street, Jiyang County, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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