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The whole machine function of Jinan Zhongke four-process opener 1. The bed body of the Zhongke four-process opener is welded with an 8mm thick seamless steel pipe. The five-sided milling processing base is used to mill the bed rail table, punching, tapping, etc., to ensure the long-term accuracy of the bed body. 2. On the basis of ensuring the accuracy and service life of the bed, the four-process opener of Zhongke selects domestic and foreign brands and central accessories to ensure that each accessory can perform functions. 3. The whole machine is planned by the company's development department to develop and improve the structure and installation of the machine based on customer feedback and the service life of the parts. 4. From the bed structure of the machine to the final installation, every step of the machine is metered and installed. Performance characteristics of Zhongke four-process CNC opener: 021: Reduce and save labor costs. Traditional machines require manual operation by many people, and the work intensity is high. Our machines can be easily operated by one person, and our intelligent system is very simple to learn, and after our training, you can operate on the job. Get rid of the factory's dependence on skilled workers, do not be afraid of workers resigning, facilitate worker management, and at the same time save a few employees and reduce wage costs; 022: Increase and enhance the utilization rate of plates. Fully automatic intelligent optimization typography software, no manual calculation, computer automatically generates machining code, high utilization rate, low error rate, greater use of plates, and reduced material cost. 3: The processing speed of the product is fast. The machining speed of our factory is fast. One machine (8 hours) can easily open 60-70 sheets of plate, and the labor intensity is low. Traditional machines require workers to constantly operate, move plates, and workers have back pain and leg pain when they work, and our machines can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading to make the work easier for workers, and even female workers can easily do this job; 4: The product processing accuracy is accurate and the effect is accurate. The accuracy of the traditional machine is low, and the old one is even worse. The accuracy of our opener can be controlled within 0.1mm, and the diagonal will be automatically adjusted, which is unmatched by traditional machines. At the same time, the processing surface is very flat, no bursting, no need for workers to make up for cutting defects later, and saving packing time. 025: Improve the factory production environment. The vacuum device has a good vacuum effect, changes the phenomenon of “dust flying all over the sky” of traditional machines, and gives workers a good and healthy working environment. 026: There are no hidden dangers. This is an issue that every boss cares about. Employees accidentally suffer some work injuries, wasting both manpower and financial resources. Something similar will not happen with our machines. Computers and CNC can do it with one click, guarantee. In addition, the equipment is equipped with a protective cover, and the worker has zero contact with the cutting cutter, and there is no danger. The occurrence of work-related accidents is avoided, and the boss is relieved. 027: Enhance the image of the company. Our machines are not the same grade as those of other factories. They have core technology and are simple and elegant in appearance. When customers come to visit, they win the favor of customers and promote order completion. Advantages of furniture customization compared with traditional furniture: 021. It can meet the different individual needs of different consumers for furniture. Custom marketing segments the market to individuals and designs furniture according to individual requirements. Consumers are one of the designers of furniture. Specific requirements can be made according to personal preferences, such as color matching, personalized specifications, etc. In the traditional marketing model, furniture companies often follow today's furniture trends to carry out furniture R&D and production based on simple market research. However, the furniture produced by this model does not meet the requirements to the full extent, and the style does not meet personal preferences. 2. Reduce inventory backlog. Custom marketing is produced according to consumer orders, and there is almost no inventory, speeding up capital turnover. Under the traditional marketing model, in order to pursue profitability, furniture companies reduce product costs through mass production. Once the market encounters a slight uncertainty, this kind of mass-produced furniture will inevitably lead to slow sales or backlog due to similarities, resulting in waste of resources. Choose Zhongke CNC choose rest assured: the CNC equipment industry now? There is a wide variety, and the quality is uneven. Choosing products with guaranteed service and high quality in such a current situation tests every consumer with real needs. Jinan Zhongke CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is the one you want to choose under many considerations. Taking quality as the foundation, company leaders always believe that doing business is human, product is character, product quality is the foundation of the company, is the company's virtue, always flatters high standards, production attitude, does every detail well, and is strictly forbidden to control every detail. Our company also regards service as another main line of the enterprise, insists on providing perfect service, and sincerely invites everyone to visit the factory. What you see is real, and the reality will give customers a satisfaction. Jinan Zhongke CNC assured partner.

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Company name:Jinan Zhongke CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.
Company address:Jinan, Shandong

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