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1. Product features and uses 020202 This product is a liquid dosage product composed of anionic precipitants, cationic wrapping agents, coagulants, efficient adsorption coagulation components and additives, etc., and processed by related processes. The product is a green, environmentally friendly, non-hazardous chemical with an active ingredient content of more than 98%. There are many types of products for various mud curing needs. It is mainly used for curing oilfield water-base drilling waste mud, construction mud, piling mud, river silt, municipal mud, chemical sludge, tailings mud and other mud with high water content, oil content, polymer organic matter and harmful heavy metal elements. The advantages of the product are: small addition amount (generally 2-5% of the volume weight ratio of added mud), rapid dispersion and penetration, convenient pharmaceutical and transportation, low construction cost, strong low temperature adaptability, especially satisfied with the non-landing treatment of mud with high moisture content and rapid solidification and solidification tanker transportation, and easy operation. After dosing and stirring evenly, the mud loses its fluidity in 1-2 minutes. The mud can be loaded and transported after 0.5-4 hours of solidification and solidification. It can be completely hardened or buried locally for more than 2-10 days to meet environmental requirements, and can also be planted in new soil. The product has the best harmless treatment of waste slurry, and has outstanding environmental protection and economic benefits. 02 Other mud curing agents on the market are generally added more than 15-20%. The actual cost of adding tons of mud is very high, and the transportation and construction workload and cost are huge, and the curing effect is not ideal. This liquid slurry curing agent will surely bring satisfactory returns to the majority of users. 2. Curing mechanism of harmful components Drilling waste mud is hazardous waste. In particular, oilfield drilling waste slurry contains petroleum suspensions, heavy metals (such as mercury, copper, chromium, cadmium, zinc and lead, etc.), COD, high and low molecular organic matter, etc. The presence and migration of these harmful components seriously damage surface water, groundwater, soil and plant growth, and the lives of humans and other animals. After the mud curing agent is added evenly, a series of chemical reactions occur with the mud, the curing agent strongly adsorbs the precipitated metal ions, the organic polymer decomposes into small molecules, and the soluble organic matter is transformed into insoluble matter, effectively remove petroleum suspensions, reduce COD, adjust the PH value of the mud system, and finally wrap and fix the harmful components, under the impact of external forces such as rain, etc., which effectively guarantees scrapping Harmless treatment effect of mud. III. Technical indicators 0202 0202 Aim 020202 Standard appearance 0202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020 2 Compressive strength after liquid curing (more than 8-15 days), MPa ≥1.0 Leachate PH value 6-9 Other indicators according to the physical properties of mud Index, sufficient dosage meets the standard 4. Construction method (1) Preparation work before construction 02. On-site sampling and analysis: The waste mud to be constructed is sampled at multiple points, tested, and the moisture content, pH value, density, harmful metal composition and content of the mud are measured. 02. Determine the optimal economic dosage of curing agent: According to the laboratory data, take out a certain amount of on-site waste mud and put it into three sets of 400ml beakers, add curing agent 2%, 3.5%, 5% (volume-weight ratio) respectively, stir evenly, place indoors, test the curing effect after 8-15 days, and determine the optimal economic dosage. Generally, it is recommended to add 2-3% for slurries that are easier to treat; for slurries that are more difficult to treat, 3-5% is recommended. Please refer to the product description for the corresponding model. (2) Construction method 02.1. Discharge free water and oil from the on-site waste mud tank and collect and treat it. 02. Determine the total amount of slurry to be treated, and determine the amount of curing agent required according to the test. 02. Add the curing agent evenly into the mud pool. If necessary, it can be mixed with drilling waste rock chips or commonly used cheap auxiliary materials, and stir with an excavator up and down, left and right, and mix well. 02 4. If the mud pool is large, it can be constructed in stages. 02. When it is solidified in the future, use a bulldozer to flatten it, and the new soil can be covered by 20-30cm. (3) HSE requirements 1. Construction units should conduct HSE education and training before mud solidification construction. 02. Pay attention to the control of the scope of construction. There is no abandonment or loss of pharmaceuticals and packaging items at the site after the construction is completed. 02 023. Before, during and after curing construction, a certain height of the weir must be guaranteed around the mud pool to avoid overflow. 4. Construction personnel wear labor insurance supplies and take measures to prevent skin contact, suction, and slippery construction ground. Once inhaled, wash off with clean water. If the condition is serious, please seek medical attention promptly. 02 025. The construction staff completed the construction and did their own bathing hygiene work. 5. Packaging, transportation and storage 02020202 products are packaged in polyethylene plastic barrels of 25kg, 50 kg, 200 kg and 1000 kg per barrel. It can also be packaged separately according to user requirements, and the actual net weight is subject to the factory. Pay attention to waterproof, moisture-proof, leak-proof and damage-proof during product loading and unloading and transportation. Store the product in a dry and ventilated place. Shelf life is half a year. Qianyu Wangpu

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