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Main function: ventilation purification, removal of dust particles in the new gas, characterized by can reduce the dust concentration in the air, purification we according to purification needs, specific uses, different purification efficiency, generally divide the air filter into three types of initial effect air filter, medium efficiency bag air filter, high efficiency air filter initial effect folding filter frame material is paper frame, aluminum alloy frame, galvanized iron frame, stainless steel frame, stainless steel galvanized frame, box, Filter materials include non-woven fabrics, nylon mesh, activated carbon filter cotton, metal perforated mesh, etc., and the protective net is double-sided sprayed barbed wire mesh and double-sided galvanized barbed wire mesh. Low price, light weight, good versatility and compact structure. 02 Uses: The primary effect filtration used in air conditioning systems is mainly for the filtration of particles above 5.0 μm, dust and various suspended matter. It has the characteristics of large air volume, low resistance, high dust capacity, long service life, etc. Medium efficiency filter features: high dust capacity, good air permeability, filtration, long service life. Uses: Air filter system pre-filtration, clean room clean room secondary filtration, hospital, pharmacy, electronics factory, spray paint room with higher clean air requirements, general building air filtration specifications, high-efficiency filter pre-filtration. The high-efficiency filter has the characteristics of filtration, low resistance, large dust capacity, etc., and can be used in the air conditioning end air supply of dust-free purification workshops in optical electronics, LCD LCD manufacturing, biomedicine, instrumentation, beverage and food, PCB printing and other industries. High efficiency and efficiency filters are used at the end of the clean room. In their structural form, they can be divided into high-efficiency filters with partitions, high-efficiency filters without partitions, high-efficiency filters with large air volume, efficiency filters, etc. In addition, there are three high-efficiency filters, one is an efficiency filter, which can purify 99.9995%. The utility model relates to an antibacterial high-efficiency air filter without a partition, which has antibacterial effect and prevents bacteria from entering a clean workshop.

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Company name:Wucheng Dingxin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd
Company address:Dezhou, Shandong

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