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The emergence of electric sprinklers has brought great convenience to sanitation workers. It not only greatly reduces the labor intensity of sanitation workers, but also improves work efficiency. Electric sprinklers can be said to be very important in the field of sanitation. However, since electric sprinklers are mostly used outdoors, it is likely that rainy weather will not be placed under the canopy in time in actual use, causing the electric sprinklers to rain and get wet. What should I do at this time? Electric sprinkler water inlet treatment method: 1. Soak in water, dry, and then charge. If the electric vehicle itself adopts waterproof measures, there is basically no big problem with light rain, but this does not mean that you can walk through the water at will, but you should also pay attention to waterproofing. In addition, for electric vehicles that are already raining, do not charge immediately after being wet by rain. Place the car in a ventilated place to dry first and then talk about it. 2. The short circuit is out of control due to water immersion. Because the controller in the electric sprinkler can easily reverse due to water ingress, after severe soaking, it is likely that the short circuit will get out of control. In this regard, the controller can be removed and wiped clean, the water stains can be wiped clean, and then blow dry the installation with a hair dryer. Note that after installation, the controller can be wrapped with plastic to increase its waterproof ability. 3. Electric sprinkler wading riding. Because when wading, the resistance of the water is large, it is easy to cause the balance to get out of control. In the case of a manhole cover that is opened by the water flow on a section of accumulated water, it is very dangerous. Therefore, when you encounter the Jishui section, be sure to detour or get out of the bus to promote it. The above is a simple treatment method for electric sprinklers after entering water. I hope it can provide some help to the majority of users

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Company name:Yuncheng Deyuan Sanitation Equipment Co., Ltd.
Company address:Yuncheng Development Zone, Heze, Shandong, China

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