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Tower clock is a customized product. Customers need to provide a picture and size of the bell tower. We will design renderings according to the bell tower style for customers to choose from. Due to the different clock surface size and function requirements of each customer, telephone communication and explanation or on-site investigation confirmation is required. The following quotation is 28,000 on one side of the clock face with a diameter of 2 meters, and the price on both sides and above is favorable. QM-3 series all-rounder function introduction: 1. Time travel system: microcomputer control, fully automatic operation. The mother and child clock system adopts closed-loop control to keep the child and mother clock running synchronously with Beijing time. The sub-clock automatically tracks the operation of the female clock, sends a time-out signal to the corresponding stepping motor, and the feedback system sends back the feedback signal to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the movement operation. 2. Lighting system: LED diode external lighting or cold light tube as the light source for the overall internal lighting, the effect is soft and beautiful, and the opening and closing time is automatically controlled. 3. Time reporting system: music, language and dot can be freely combined in three ways. The timing content is 5530 music (British Big Ben Times); Dongfanghong Music, the timing content can also make advertising slogans according to user requirements, can be reported in real time, and the reporting power is 200 watts, which can be increased or decreased. 4. Drive power distribution system: fully automatically converts the input voltage to the power supply voltage required by each part of the system, so that all parts of the system use electricity can operate normally. 5. Sub clock synchronization function: When a face clock is out of sync with other sub-clocks, the control system automatically detects and automatically adjusts the synchronization. 6. Automatic tracking function: After power failure, the mother clock memory unit automatically memorizes the standard time signal, and can automatically calibrate to the standard time when calling, without manual adjustment. 7. GPS calibration: Connect the computer center and the*** signal receiving device to compare and proofread the standard time and the mother clock time to ensure that the clock runs without cumulative error. 8. Anti-interference ability: The design adopts software and hardware measures such as watchdog design, software deposition, and bottom pass filtering, etc., and has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability. 9. Maintenance-free design: the movement is fully closed, maintenance-free design, no need to change oil. Anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, shockproof, low noise, good wear resistance, the whole machine design service life is up to 50 years. 10. Lightning protection and electromagnetic protection function: The system is equipped with lightning protection and anti-electromagnetic interference circuits, which can ensure that the system is protected from general electromagnetic interference, normal and *** operation. 11. Power saving function: The system design applies energy-saving technology to greatly reduce energy consumption indicators, save electricity and safety. 12. Intelligent time detection: A feedback antifreeze switch is added to the movement, and another closed-loop control is introduced, so that the movement can give a feedback signal to the mother clock control system every time it runs, so that the control system automatically detects the running state of the movement, and automatically repairs and adjusts in time to ensure more accurate and stable walking. 13. Non-stop function: When the external power supply fails, the system automatically switches to the standby power supply to keep the child and mother clocks running normally within 24 hours of the power outage (but no lighting or time reporting during the period). 14. Microcomputer monitoring: Using the Pentium processor and the monitoring software and hardware equipment developed by our company itself, it can monitor the walking, timing, lighting and other functions of each clock.

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Company name:Yantai Qiming Clock Technology Co., Ltd
Company address:Yantai Qiming Clock Technology Co., Ltd

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