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Guangdong Building Tower Clock First Yantai Qiming Clock Yantai Qiming Clock Technology Co., Ltd. is composed of senior engineers, technicians, and art designers from clock factories and watch research institutes at the time of state-owned enterprise reform. Among the top elites in the national watch industry, the company occupies a number of senior talents. We not only produce all kinds of watches, but also special clocks that are not sold on the market: lobby clock, world time difference clock, work class clock, music newspaper clock, hospital clock, smelting clock, engineering clock, clock clock, building tower clock, flower bed clock, environmental decoration clock, light box clock, etc., tailor-made for banks, post offices, factories, schools, airports, railway stations, hotels, etc. Design a wide variety of art clocks. The purpose of Qiming is to strive for excellence and meet special needs. 1. The mother clock and sub-clock have no independent control structure: the whole system is divided into sub-clock movement, female clock, monitoring PC, GPS antenna, etc. 2. Microcomputer control: fully automatic operation, the mother and child clock system adopts closed-loop control to keep the child and mother clock running synchronously with Beijing time. The sub-clock automatically tracks the operation of the female clock, sends a time-out signal to the corresponding stepping motor, and the feedback system sends back the feedback signal to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the movement operation. 3. Lighting: LED light-emitting diodes are used, and there are three colors to choose from, red, yellow and green. The effect is soft and beautiful, and the opening and closing time is automatically controlled. 4. Timekeeping: Using the British daben clock, music first and then scoring, the timing content can also be made according to user requirements. For example, “XXX” is now reporting for you: it is now XXX Beijing time; automatic control of the opening and closing time, and the timing power is 200 watts, which can be increased or decreased. 5. Non-stop power outage: The power outage does not stop for 24 hours (but there is no lighting or time reporting during the period), more than 24 hours. Incoming calls within a few months can be automatically corrected to the standard time without manual adjustment. 6. GPS satellite calibration: The computer center and the satellite receiving signal equipment are connected to compare and proofread the standard time and the mother clock time to ensure that the clock runs without cumulative errors. 7. Sub clock synchronization function: When a facial needle is out of sync with other sub-needles, the control system automatically detects and automatically adjusts the synchronization. 8. Fault self-diagnosis function: When a part of the system fails, the controller automatically diagnoses the fault and transmits the fault phenomenon information to the control center. The control center immediately displays the fault part and indicates how to eliminate the fault. 9. Anti-electromagnetic interference ability: The design adopts software and hardware measures such as watchdog design, software deposition, and bottom pass filtering, etc., and has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability. Welcome to the school tower clock, church club bell, tower clock, tower clock maintenance custom Yantai Qiming clock page, provided by Yantai Qiming Clock Technology Co., Ltd., contact number is, address is located in Jinshajiang Road, Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone, Yantai City, Shandong Province, mainly engaged in school church club clock European-style tower clock building tower clock GPS satellite school clock tower clock music clock tower clock.

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Company name:Yantai Qiming Clock Technology Co., Ltd
Company address:Yantai Qiming Clock Technology Co., Ltd

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