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Environmental management requirements for sludge collection, storage, turnover and transportation - sealed sludge transporters are vehicles for sludge transportation. Sludge transport units for outfactory sludge collection and transportation should be transported using special sealed sludge transport vehicles that are anti-leakage, anti-sprinkling, no sharp corners, easy to load, unload and clean, so as to effectively prevent odors from escaping. Transport vehicles have obvious warning signs for strict waste control. Monitor and manage the whole process during transportation to prevent secondary pollution caused by exposure, scattering or leakage. After the sludge is collected into the vehicle, biological deodorant should be sprayed on the sludge before the transport vehicle loaded with the sludge is driving, which can inhibit the odor from the source. Sludge transportation travels according to the routes and times approved by the relevant departments. The transportation route avoids environmentally sensitive areas such as crowded areas, traffic concentration areas and residents' residents' residences as much as possible; the time for transporting sludge avoids peak traffic periods such as commuting to work, school, etc., in order to reduce the impact of the foul odor of sludge transportation on surrounding sensitive points. There is no stopping or transit during transportation, and it is strictly forbidden to dump, dispose of or spill sludge into the environment. If sludge loss, leakage or diffusion occurs during sludge transportation, the sludge generation unit and the sludge centralized disposal unit shall immediately take emergency treatment measures and promptly report to the municipal environmental protection department. After use, special vehicles transporting sludge should be cleaned in a timely manner in the sludge centralized disposal site, and pollutants generated by the cleaning should be properly treated to prevent secondary pollution. Personnel engaged in the collection, transportation, storage and disposal of sludge shall be trained in relevant laws and professional techniques, safety protection and emergency treatment. Sealed sludge truck is a vehicle for sludge transportation Sludge trucks are mainly used for municipal sanitation and large-scale factories and mines to transport all kinds of garbage, especially household waste in residential areas. Sludge dump trucks are used for sludge removal and loading, unloading and transportation of various loose materials. The rated load weight is 5 square 8 square 10 square 12 square 15 square 20 square meters. The garbage bucket lifting and dumping machine can automatically load dirt and other materials into the cargo box, the back door of the envelope can be automatically opened and locked. The dump mechanism of the whole vehicle and the back cover of the cargo box can make the sludge dump smoothly and effectively prevent the pollution of the urban environment and reduce the material loss on the way, and the hydraulic system is convenient and flexible to operate. Classification of sludge trucks Sludge transporters include dump sludge trucks, round tank sludge trucks, and self-loading and unloading sludge trucks. The sludge truck structure has a rear cover flipping cylinder and four pin lock cylinders at the back to ensure that water does not leak. The compartment is equipped with a stainless steel liner, and a corrosion-resistant sealing strip, good sealing, and easy disassembly and assembly. Humanized integrated operation is designed in the cab: tank lifting, rear door opening and locking can all be done in the cab, and interlocking devices and misoperation prevention indicators are installed to ensure the reliability and safety of the vehicle's operation. Box introduction: The upper cover is hydraulically opened and closed, the tailgate is hydraulically locked, and the box does not leak water to test water, and responds to national environmental protection requirements. Plate thickness: side 4mm bottom 5mm (can be thickened according to specific requirements) Scope of application: construction waste, household waste, dehydrated sludge, poultry manure cleaning and transportation. Dump angle and height: front top dump, greater than 45°, the highest dump point about 6 meters. Product advantages: ① hydraulic opening and closing of the upper cover (remote operation), hydraulic locking of the tailgate (no leakage of water) responds to the requirements of the national environmental protection policy. ② The box is fully sealed, the inside of the box is treated with anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment, the connection between the side plate and the bottom plate is triangular, and the upper part of the box is made of tensile ribs. (Stable box structure) ③ The tailgate is equipped with a high-density sealing strip to ensure that the box is fully welded and sealed without leakage. ④ A manual locking device is reserved at the rear of the box to prevent sludge from having strong fluidity, and hydraulic manual double locking. ⑤ A sewage tank is prepared at the bottom of the box, which is used to discharge sewage through a pipe and a ball valve link. ⑥ The supplier arranges the delivery master to teach the customer to use it and explain the precautions to assist the customer in licensing the vehicle. Qianyu Wangpu

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Company name:Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd
Company address:Southern suburb of Zengdu District, Suizhou City, Hubei Province

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