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Sludge trucks include dump sludge trucks, round tank sludge trucks, self-loading and unloading sludge trucks, industrial sludge transporters, domestic sludge transporters. The sludge truck is a new type of model that works with sewage treatment plants, sewers, and water purification centers to clean and transport some sludge. It mainly installs special devices on the basis of the vehicle to make it meet the requirements of sludge transportation. Sludge transportation is required, fully sealed transportation. Sludge truck is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly transport vehicle for domestic water groups, sewage treatment plants, drainage management offices, sewage treatment plants, sewers, tap water purification centers for some sludge cleaning and transportation. It is mainly used for sludge collection and transfer, and self-unloading vehicles through hydraulic or mechanical lifting. It is widely used in major steel mills, water plants, water supply plants, coal chemical plants, power plants, urban sludge transfer, and transportation sites required for urban construction. Mainly transport mortar, sludge, wet coal ash, etc. Precautions for the operation of sludge transporters: 1. Sludge transporters can lift the carriages during full-load transportation. Since the weight of the lifting car will shift backward during full-load transportation, it is easy to cause the vehicle to warp its head or cause a traffic accident if the vehicle is moving too fast. 2. The vehicle should not quickly lift the lifting handle to the lowering position in the middle of a full-load lift, and should descend slowly. Due to the heavy weight of the car when it is fully loaded, if it drops rapidly, the car suddenly rushes down, it will bring a lot of impact to the frame, and it is easy to cause the frame or accidents. The above operations should be avoided as much as possible. If there are special circumstances, you must operate carefully and slow down the landing speed as much as possible. 3. Vehicles must not use heavy lifting or braking to unload goods. Due to the great inertia of heavy lifting or braking, it is easy to cause deformation of the frame, open welding of the car and subframe, burning the oil pump or damaging the sealing ring, damaging the hydraulic cylinder, etc., and reducing the service life of the vehicle. 4. After the sludge truck is unloaded, the power take-off device must be removed before the vehicle can be operated. When the dump truck is driving, if the power take-off is in the combined position, the power take-off and hydraulic pump are in a continuous working state, which is easy to cause wear and premature aging of vehicle parts: the lifting pump is in a small circulation state at high speed for a long time without burden, resulting in the hydraulic system has a power source, and if you accidentally misoperate the lift rod during driving, it is easy to cause a car dump upgrade accident. 5. Safe production, use and operation in accordance with the specifications. Our company is a large-scale special purpose vehicle manufacturer focusing on R&D and manufacturing. The sludge trucks produced by the company are Dongfeng Furica sealed sludge transport dump Dongfeng, Dongfeng Dolica sealed transport sludge truck, Dongfeng 145 sludge transport sludge garbage dump truck, Dongfeng 153 cleaning water-containing sludge dump truck, Dongfeng Tianjin sludge truck, JAC sludge truck, van fully sealed water-containing sludge removal truck, hanging barrel sludge Complete models of transporters, sealed tank sludge transporters, etc. -Reasonable price- The quality is reliable, and the company is oriented to the majority of users based on the policy of survival by quality and development by reputation. 10 tons sludge removal truck - 12 tons sludge removal truck Price and description Sealed 13 tons 15 tons sludge handling truck - loading 13 cubic 15 cubic sludge dump truck Our service purpose is: survival by quality, reputation is the guarantee. Treat people with integrity, flexible management, high quality and low price, and pay attention to efficiency. Cheng Li Company promises that all products produced and sold by the company, the chassis part, and the national service station can be jointly insured. The special part is three-guarantee service for one year, after-sales service is in place for 48 hours, and is responsible for maintenance and technical services for life Qianyu Wangpu https://42134.qianyuwang.com/

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Company name:Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd
Company address:Southern suburb of Zengdu District, Suizhou City, Hubei Province

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