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Sludge treatment and disposal is an important part of urban sewage treatment systems. Sludge treatment and disposal should follow the principles of source reduction and whole process control, strengthen source control of toxic and harmful substances, select appropriate sewage and sludge treatment processes according to the final safety disposal requirements of sludge and sludge characteristics, and implement the management of the whole process of sludge treatment and disposal. Sludge transportation. Encourage the use of pipelines, sealed vehicles and sealed barges; the whole process of transportation should be monitored and managed to prevent secondary environmental pollution caused by exposure, spilling or dripping; random dumping or stealing of sludge is strictly prohibited. When urban sewage treatment plants are newly built, remodeled or expanded, the sludge treatment and disposal facilities should be planned, constructed and put into operation at the same time as the sewage treatment facilities. Sludge treatment must meet the requirements for sludge disposal, and projects that do not meet the prescribed requirements cannot pass the acceptance; if sludge treatment facilities currently do not meet the disposal requirements, rectification and construction should be expedited to ensure the safe disposal of sludge. A sludge truck, also known as a silt truck or garbage removal truck, is a new type of special vehicle for loading and transporting dump sewage, sludge, silt, mud, mud, and garbage. Fully sealed design, the back cover is hydraulically opened with sealing strips around it, so it is clean and leak-free during transportation. The phenomenon of “dripping, leaking, and spilling” of traditional dump trucks has been improved. Welcome friends who need a sludge truck to visit our company. Our company can provide a full set of sludge truck solutions, so that you can buy it with confidence and comfort, and avoid worries. The sludge truck is a new type of vehicle that cooperates with sewage treatment plants, sewers, and water purification centers to clean and transport some sludge. It mainly installs special devices on the basis of garbage trucks to make it meet the requirements of sludge transportation. Sludge transportation needs to be fully enclosed and fully sealed. Manufacturer 8 tons 10 tons 12 tons 15 tons sludge truck, sludge truck price sewage treatment plant (water company) (water company) (sewage plant) dehydrated sludge commonly used transportation methods of sewage treatment plant dehydrated sludge are: 1: belt conveyor, 2: shaftless screw conveyor (Jiaolong), 3: single screw pump, 4: hydraulic column Plug the pump. The above four types are commonly used sludge conveying equipment, so the size and structure of the sludge transporters selected are different. The sludge truck (sludge removal dump truck) is fully enclosed design, the envelope is fully welded, the envelope hydraulic cylinder is lifted and dumped, the back cover is hydraulically opened and closed with a seal without dripping, suitable for transporting water-containing [dehydrated] sludge, water-containing garbage, silt, etc. It is widely used in sewage treatment plants, water purification companies, water supply and drainage companies for fully enclosed transportation of water-containing sludge, silt removal, sanitation transportation of garbage, farm transportation of livestock manure, etc. The sludge truck is based on the dump truck, with the rear door open, the rear door lock is tightly sealed, and the electro-hydraulic control system is modified. The hydraulic system of the vehicle is divided into three units, one is the envelope lifting unit; the second is the car door opening and closing unit; and the third is the car door locking unit. The manual switch is flexible and convenient, and the upper part of the switch is equipped with a green indicator light, which is convenient for the driver to operate. Sludge trucks-dump trucks ensure that sludge-garbage transportation does not leak water, the envelope is lined with stainless steel, the envelope is made of epoxy coal asphalt anticorrosion, the box is heated and insulated to prevent corrosion sludge removal, etc. We can achieve full closure, full hydraulic opening, or semi-automatic opening. Sludge transporters that produce vehicles under different requirements can meet different requirements. Sludge transportation requirements vary according to different circumstances. Please call to communicate the specific sludge transportation plan by phone. Our company produces customized sludge transfer trucks. Some design teams and multiple sludge transportation plan design experience will surely produce sludge collection vehicles that meet the needs of customers. Qianyu Wangpu

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Company name:Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd
Company address:Southern suburb of Zengdu District, Suizhou City, Hubei Province

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