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Commodity Address: Southern suburb of Zengdu District, Suizhou City, Hubei Province

Company name: Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd

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Cheng Li commercial high-altitude tile truck aerial tile truck is a new type of steel structure factory surface color steel tile construction equipment, can directly mold the color steel plate on site and transport to the roof, without intermediate transportation process, solves many problems of steel structure plant construction, may have been built in the past through the ground tile and then the tile was lifted to the top of the plant through a crane, during which it is easy to cause accidents and tile damage, The emergence of high-altitude tile trucks can solve these problems well and take a successful step towards the intelligent development of steel structures. Vehicle announcement: CL5310TZW6FD chassis model: CL1310LDJ6 vehicle size: length: 12000 width: 2550 height: 3950 chassis configuration: Tianlong high roof two-bedroom cab (four-point suspension, airbag seat, electric glass, multi-function steering wheel, MP5 multimedia, electric flip) original air conditioning. Yuchai 350 horsepower YCK08350-60, 12-speed gearbox, 5-ton front axle, 10-ton rear axle, electrophoretic paint frame: 300 (8+6) double girder, 11.00 steel wire tire, 400L aluminum alloy fuel tank, aluminum alloy gas cylinder, camel battery, Ruili brake valve, etc. Wheelbase: 1850+4600+1350mm optional: Weichai 400 horsepower engine, 457 (13 tons double rear axle) loading tile machine parameters: bearing weight: 8T out of the board height: 3 m - 18.5 m leg span: 5400* 5600mm (length* width) equipment size (including tile machine): 12* 2.55* 3.99 m, tile machine height 1000mm Guardrail platform: 9300*2300MM (length* width) (size can be customized) Suitable for all kinds of jiaochi series and roof panel forming machine and tile machine connection fixing method: screw connection electrical and tile machine connection: aviation plug hydraulic and tile machine connection type: hydraulic quick joint crane function: carry 8T (optional) whole machine weight: 26T (excluding tile machine) hydraulic system: Main arm cylinder:? 180*? 160*? 125 (wuxi) telescopic cylinder:? 146*? 125*? 100 (wuxi) small arm cylinder:? 146*? 125*? 90 (wuxi) leg cylinder:? 146*? 125*? 100 (wuxi) slewing support: outer diameter? 1800 (carrying 70T, Xuzhou) oil pump: 7.5 kW/4 kW (plunger pump) tubing: steel bright pipe (Xuzhou Global) rubber pipe: 4-layer steel wire hydraulic valve: Beijing Huade (anti-shake pressure system) cylinder self-locking: plate hydraulic lock, balance valve parts: welded steel plate material: Q345B (Shougang) profile: I-36 B, square tube Q345B axis : 40Cr heat treatment quenching treatment joint sleeve: copper sleeve fasteners: GB/T5780-2000 8.8 appearance: parts shot blast paint processing electronic control system: electronic control box: 15 kW frequency conversion (Shanghai Zhongchen) Delta PLC, tile machine dual screen control, power automatic inverting, Delisi, Chint low voltage original, mobile phone screen (standard) angle length sensor: height, angle display, Protection alarm (standard) output setting: set multiple processing parameters at the same time, select at any time, record the total output password query. Lift control: remote control and manual control, choose at will. The effective distance of remote control is 100 meters.

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Company name:Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd
Company address:Southern suburb of Zengdu District, Suizhou City, Hubei Province

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