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Steel structure electric rail car trackless overpass car battery rail tractor About us: KP series electric flat car is mainly composed of frame system, transmission device (active wheel set), passive wheel set, electrical control, etc. 0202020202020202 The frame is a frame structure made of four stringers and several beams and paving plates welded together. Large channel steel is usually used as the vertical and cross beams of the frame, and the eight-point bearing is adopted, and the frame is evenly stressed. The flat bearing seat on the wheelset is bolted to the frame, and the structure effectively reduces the table height. The reducer of the transmission device is a shaft type placed at the end of the flat car, which is convenient for assembly maintenance and modification. The front and rear of the electric flat car have a connecting hook, so that other flat cars can be towed or towed if necessary. Lifting holes are provided on both sides of the flat car for easy lifting. The KPJ flat car (with picture 1) is powered by a cable reel, the KPX flat car (with picture 2) is powered by a battery pack, the KPD flat car (with picture 3) is powered by a low-voltage track, the axle is insulated, and the conductive device is added, and the car is equipped with a step-up transformer (KPDZ is a rectifier). The power provided is controlled by the electrical system to move the flat car forward or backward. The operation method is to use the handheld button box to control it on foot with the car. 0202020202020202023.2.1 The structure of the passive wheel pair KPD electric flat wheel pair is shown in Appendix 4. There is an insulation sleeve and an insulated inner and outer pad between the wheel and the axle. The insulation sleeve is made of nylon, an insulating material with high mechanical performance. After the wheel is insulated, the KPD series electric flat car can use two tracks as two conductive tracks. The axle material is 45 #钢调质,车轮材料采用55号铸钢,车轮表面淬火,轴承为双列向心球面滚子轴承,能自动补偿车架的变形偏差。 The structure effectively reduces the height of the table top, improves the lateral stability, bearing bearing capacity, and has favorable stress on the frame. KPJ and KPX flat cars do not require insulation measures. Its structure is similar to that of KPD. 0202023.2.2 Gauge According to relevant regulations, the gauge should be measured 16mm below the top surface of the inner side of the track. The straight segment is 1435mm, and the curved segment is specified according to the radius of curvature as follows: the radius of curvature m is greater than 651650-451450-351 and less than 350 gauge mm1435144014451450 according to the above standards, the gauge deviation is +6mm and the bottom is -2mm. For areas without access to trains, the curve segment gauge is 1455mm when the curve radius is less than 150m. When the curve radius is less than 100m, the gauge of the curve segment is 1460mm. The slope of the laying track should not be greater than two thousandths. In addition to the standard gauge, the flat car with a load of 6t and 10t is also designed with a narrow gauge of 762mm. 3.3 Transmission reducer (active wheel set) 0202020202KPJ, KPX flat car transmission device see attached figure 5. The KPD flat car is only an insulation measure between the wheels and the axle, and the rest are the same. The transmission form is a first V-belt deceleration plus a two-stage gear reduction. The motor drives the two-stage gear reducer through the triangular V-belt. The motor is fixed on the high-speed side of the reducer body, and the belt can be tensioned by tensioning bolts. The output shaft is the axle of the driving wheel pair, and the gear is a hard tooth surface cylindrical gear, and has the advantages of small size, large transmission power and good fatigue strength. Big gear material 40 Cr, small gear 20 Cr. The reducer and the driving wheel pair form a transmission assembly. It is mounted under the frame beam by means of a flat bearing housing and is secured with four bolts on each side. 3.4 Connecting traction hook The front and rear of the electric flat car have a connection hook, which can be towed or towed by other flat cars if necessary. Pay special attention to the fact that when the flat car is being towed, be sure to release the brake first to prevent damage to the gear or triangular V-belt. And do not exceed the rated speed of the flat car, otherwise the motor may be damaged due to overspeed rotation. 3.5 Conductive device Conductive device (Figure 6) is only used for KPD (S, Z) low-voltage rail power supply flat cars. It connects the 36V AC fed by the track to the flat car and sends it to the on-board electronic control via cable. The conductive device is mainly composed of a copper electric block and a sliding column. By means of the friction block sliding on the track, the sliding column can slide up and down in the guide frame to ensure that the friction block is always in reliable contact with the rail. When the electric block wears a lot, it can be reused by turning 90 degrees. The electrically conductive device and frame are insulated. Pay attention to whether the slide column slides up and down flexibly, and add an appropriate amount of grease if necessary.

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