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Submersible slurry pump electric underwater slurry pump manufacturers are divided into 2 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch and other specifications and models according to the outlet diameter. The pump has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, reliable operation, etc., and is suitable for conveying strong abrasive mortar, mortar, slag, etc., containing solid particles, and the solid-liquid mixing concentration can reach 60%, and is an ideal sand pumping and sand feeding equipment. Submersible slurry pump electric underwater slurry pump manufacturers model significance: 02 100KSQ (R) (X) 100-28-15 (L) 100 - pump outlet nominal diameter (mm) 02 KSQ - submersible sand pump 02 100 - rated flow (m3/h) 02 28 - rated head (m) 0202 02 0215 - equipped motor rated power (Kw) 02KSQX: stainless steel submersible mud pump 02 02 02KSQL: self-cooling submersible sediment pump 02KSQR: submersible mud pump 02 02 02KSQRX: stainless steel submersible sediment pump submersible slurry pump electric underwater slurry pump manufacturer advantages: 1. Comes with stirring function, can stir up sediment, no need for other auxiliary equipment. 2. High efficiency. The impeller is a closed impeller, and more; the overflow parts (impeller, pump shell, stirring impeller, etc.) are made of high chromium alloy. 3. Not limited by suction range, slag suction, dredging. 4. Triple protection, effectively prevent the motor from burning. The motor can be according to the induction probe, and after supporting the control cabinet, it can be realized: oil chamber immersion, motor room immersion, and motor overheating protection. Submersible slurry pump electric underwater slurry pump manufacturers use conditions: 1. the power supply is 50Hz (60Hz needs to be customized) 230V/380V/415V/440V/440V/660V/1440V three-phase AC power supply, the capacity of the distribution transformer is 2-3 times the rated capacity of the motor. 2. The temperature of the medium shall not exceed 60℃, the temperature of the R type medium shall not exceed 140℃, and does not contain flammable and explosive gases. 3、Weight concentration of solids in the medium: 65%. 4.crew diving depth: not more than 60 meters, small diving depth is subject to submerged motor. 5. the working position of the unit in the medium is vertical, and the upper part is suspended and positioned. Submersible slurry pump electric underwater slurry pump manufacturers use: 1, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, ports dredging 2, rivers, lakes and other waters sand pumping 3, engineering construction sediment discharge, mud 4, municipal pipelines, rainwater pumping station sediment cleaning 5, phosphorus chemical high temperature slurry transportation, boiler high temperature and high temperature slurry, heat-resistant iron oxide skin water cleaning, etc. 6. Clean up sedimentation tanks in chemical plants, steel mills, beneficiation plants, power plants, sewage plants, etc. 7. Transfer of gold rush sand, iron sand, steel sand, quartz sand, tailings sand and other media. Quality and 02 I. Quality and technical standards: Manufactured according to CJ/T3038-1995 standards, and the system is implemented according to ISO9001. 2. Technical standards, conditions and deadlines for which suppliers are responsible for quality: implement three guarantees for quality. 3. During the period; under the condition that the conveying medium meets the requirements of the pump's overcurrent parts and can comply with the instruction manual, if the product is damaged due to poor manufacturing or cannot work normally, our factory will replace or repair it free of charge. The wearing parts are not within this period. 4. High alloy steel manufacturing of wearing parts 5. Our factory ensures long-term provision of accessories for customers. 6. For cooperating units, our factory fully serves customers. Friendly reminder: Recently, many peers have stolen the company's product pictures, used low to attract customers, use ordinary sand pumps, or direct sewage pump modifications to deceive consumers, sewage pump modified sand pump, appearance is difficult to distinguish, pumping a bit of mud sewage is OK, but a large proportion of sediment - slurry - slag - cinder can only be seen and sighed. The advantages and disadvantages of the pump can be judged from two aspects: 1. The weight of the pump. The light pump indicates poor material or thin pump body (the small sand pump produced by our factory is 3KW and weighs 82 kg). 2. The simple thing is to use a hacksaw blade saw. Customers are requested to identify the manufacturer and do not be deceived and cause unnecessary financial losses. Welcome customers to visit our factory, guide, and inspect.

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