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Xinjiang impermeable membrane GH2 Altay cattle manure biogas digester anti-seepage 1.45mm composite geotextile: can be freely customized according to demand, affordable price. [Important Notice] Due to the large fluctuation of raw material prices, the list price is the price of a 20cm*20cm sample. Please provide the requirements, specifications, dimensions, and parameters for customer service accounting for the actual price of conventional products. Puncture damage factors of impermeable membrane GH2 There are two main causes of damage to impermeable membrane GH2: one is affected by construction, and the other is affected by uneven settlement. The damage ratio of the impermeable membrane GH2 at various stages. Construction damage is the main cause of damage to the impermeable membrane GH2. The impermeable membrane GH2 has poor puncture resistance, and some small holes may be left during construction, when sewing and welding the edge of the impermeable membrane GH2. This is the main reason for the leakage of the impermeable membrane GH2. In addition, during the laying of the impermeable membrane GH2, the impermeable membrane GH2 can also be pierced due to the presence of hard objects such as small stones. Due to the poor ability of the impermeable membrane GH2 to bear the double axial tension, the small holes will slowly become larger, and the impermeable membrane GH2 will gradually break down. Uneven settlement is the main cause of damage to the impermeable membrane GH2 due to uneven settlement, which causes the stress imbalance between the gasket and the capping coating, so that the impermeable membrane GH2 is concave, withstand tensile force, tear the impermeable membrane GH2, and cause damage. Detection method for GH2 damage of impermeable membrane Currently, the main methods for detecting GH2 damage of impermeable membrane are vacuum pressure detection method, detection well method, tracer method, water gun technology method, electrical leakage detection method, etc. Management of biogas digester laying composite geotextile after completion: The daily management of the biogas digester includes: preliminary maintenance, daily maintenance, attention to safety, material liquid concentration, etc. 1. Preliminary maintenance, the newly built biogas digesters should be connected to pig pens and toilets as soon as possible, so that sufficient fresh raw materials flow into the digester every day. Otherwise, labor is spent to transport raw materials into the tank from a distance. The labor intensity is high, and the feeding is not timely, causing the added raw materials and water to be mixed unevenly, affecting the normal gas production of the biogas digester. Pay attention to the maintenance of biogas digesters. During the hot weather season, new digesters need to be continuously maintained with water for more than 20 days, and can only be fed after the concrete reaches the design strength. Before major material change, a large amount of fermentation raw materials must be collected before it can be carried out, and sufficient fermentation inoculants must be left behind so that the biogas digester can be quickly put back into normal operation. Do not expose the empty pool to the sun or air dry to prevent the biogas tank from cracking. After the geomembrane or cover of the biogas digester is damaged, it must be repaired or replaced in time. 2. Daily maintenance, frequent discharging. Do a small discharge at least once every 3-5 days, and observe the barometer regularly. If up and down fluctuations are found, check the air duct, movable cover, gas pipeline, switch, joint, pressure gauge, etc. in time for air leakage or blockage. If this happens, repair and replace it in time, or drain the accumulated water from the collection bottle and pipe. 3. Pay attention to safety. The biogas digester must be covered in time after entering and discharging the material to prevent humans and animals from accidentally falling into the biogas digester. It is strictly forbidden to introduce pesticides, calcium carbide, soapy water and other substances that have a killing effect on biogas microbial activity. Before feeding, remove items from the raw materials that can easily block the inlet and outlet of the biogas digester, such as gravel and waste plastic bag film. Instructions for the use of EVA waterproof board: First, plan according to the actual terrain size → cut the film according to the actual planned size and transport it to the corresponding position on the construction site → lay and weld according to the construction operation procedure → apply for acceptance after self-inspection is qualified, and prepare for the next process. Special part laying: When laying the film at the foot of the slope of the slope and the intersection of the slope, the soil foundation is required to be smooth and smooth when turning, and no negative slope can occur. Relax as much as possible when applying the film, and do not let the film hang. Film laying procedure: The laying team first checks whether the number of each film in the laying area is consistent with the number of the floor plan. After confirming that it is correct, the position of the film is fixed according to the regulations, immediately use a sandbag for temporary anchoring, and then check whether the lap width of the diaphragm meets the requirements of about 100mm, and adjust it in time when it needs to be adjusted, and fully prepare for the road process. Waterproof board EVA welding procedure: Before welding geomembrane construction, sample welding must be done first, and formal welding can only be started after the trial welding is qualified. When welding, check the lap width of the diaphragm again and ensure that the lap area is clean, free of foreign matter, or anything else that may also affect the quality of the weld. Adjust the various technical parameters of the welding machine and weld in a certain order. During operation, the operator needs to follow the operation of the welding machine at all times under the protection of the safety rope or rope ladder, and fine-tune the technical parameters of the welding machine in time, so that the whole process of the welding machine is in operation state and the weld quality is guaranteed. Test item of biogas tank black film: Biogas tank black film is a waterproof barrier type flexible film material made of polyethylene particles as raw material through rolling or blow molding production process. Its color is generally black, thickness is 0.3-2.0mm, width 1-8m, roll length 30-50m. Product testing is based on the requirements of GB/T17643-2011 and CJ/T234-2006 for urban construction. The test indicators are mainly film thickness and tensile strength, elongation at break, puncture resistance, right angle tear strength, carbon black content, water vapor permeability coefficient, oxidation induction time, etc.

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