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The price and specifications of this product are for online reference only. For details, please inquire Manager Wei 18354893398 manufacturers produce CP/CB rubber waterstop waterstop waterstop specifications complete quality assurance 02 price Luther new material rubber waterstop is made of natural rubber and various synthetic rubber as the main raw materials, mixed with various additives and fillers, after plastic, mixed, pressed, its varieties and specifications are more, bridge type, mountain Type, P type, R type, U type, Z type, B type, T type, H type, E type, Q type, etc. Construction and installation 5. When ordering, users should calculate the product length according to the engineering structure, design drawings, special-shaped structures should have drawings, try to connect the waterstop as a whole in the factory, if you need to connect on site, you can use electric heating plate vulcanization bonding or cold bonding (rubber waterstop) or welding (plastic waterstop) method water stop matters explain the rubber waterstop is used to stop water, steel edge rubber water stop in rubber The positioning sheet is welded near the formwork on the outside of the middle welding waterstop. Full welding is required for the steel edge rubber waterstop. As long as the positioning plate is firm, the positioning sheet should be 1 to 2 cm away from the template, and a plastic or wooden gasket is added between them. Remove the mold after removing the mold, and fill it with slightly expanded mortar after cutting off the screw. There is also a kind that is rare in China. It uses a shorter screw plus a connecting screw, which can be easily removed after the mold is removed. Rubber waterstop is buried in concrete by partially or completely pouring it into the concrete during the concrete pouring process. Before pouring concrete, it is necessary to keep it flat at the interface, the joint part is bonded and fastened, and then fully poured with appropriate force to shock the concrete to position the water stop, so that it can be well combined with the concrete, so as not to affect the water stop effect. Precautions for rubber waterstop construction: During the construction process, since there are many sharp stones and sharp steel bars in the concrete, pay attention to the impact force of pouring when pouring and positioning the waterstop, so as not to puncture the rubber waterstop due to excessive force. If a crack is found, it should be repaired in time, otherwise the rubber waterstop's ability to resist external forces will be greatly reduced when the joint is deformed and subjected to water pressure. Shandong Luther New Materials Co., Ltd. is located at the foot of Mount Taishan. It is a director unit of China Geosynthetic Materials Engineering Association and a Chinese geomaterial manufacturer. Main production and operation of plastic geogrid, fiberglass geogrid, warp woven geogrid, mining geogrid, mining high-strength polyester fiber mesh, steel plastic geogrid, convex point geogrid, three-dimensional geogrid, high-strength geotextile, safety fence, BOP stretch net, geotextile, geomembrane, composite geomembrane, soft permeable Geosynthetics such as pipes. Products are mainly used in highways, railways, water conservancy, tunnels, municipal, environmental protection and other engineering fields and mine roadway support. They have been widely used in Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail, Qinghai-Tibet railway, Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, Lanxin Railway, Shanghai-Kunming Railway and other hundreds of projects. More than 30 countries and regions, including Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, The market share is higher than that of peers, and has been unanimously praised by engineering experts and users. 02020202 is a high-tech enterprise, a contract-abiding and credit-abiding enterprise, an honest enterprise in Shandong Province, and a Chinese patent Shandong star enterprise. The company has passed ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification, mining product safety mark certification, EU CE certification, ISO 14001:2004 environmental system certification. The company's products have been rated as “Shandong”, and the company's registered trademark has been recognized as “Shandong trademark”. The company has Shandong geosynthetics engineering technology research, Shandong Province certified enterprise technology, Shandong special geocomposite application engineering laboratory, and the Institute of Applied Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly built geogrid creep performance testing; the company has established a close cooperative relationship with dozens of research institutes and colleges of higher learning nationwide, led the establishment of Shandong geosynthetics industry technology innovation strategic alliance, and served as chairman The unit currently has more than 30 patents and has organized and formulated 5 product standards. It has won the second prize of the Shandong Provincial Technological Innovation Achievement Award, the second prize of the Shandong Technology Market Science and Technology Golden Bridge Award, the Taian Science and Technology Progress Award, and the Shandong Management Innovation Award. 02020202 owns three production plants and one hotel, and participates in a village bank. The production scale and comprehensive strength are in the leading position in the domestic industry. It is currently a domestic geotechnical material manufacturer with a full range of varieties. 02020202 The company will always adhere to the core concept of “honesty, pragmatism and innovation”, strive to forge the Chinese geogrid brand, the development direction of China's geotechnical materials industry, and continue to make greater contributions to infrastructure construction! Contact Person: Manager Wei Mobile Phone: 15254806823 Address: Taishan District, Taian City, Shandong Province, China 02 West of Planning Branch Road, East of Longteng Road, High-tech Zone, Taian City, Shandong Province

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Company name:Shandong Luther New Materials Co., Ltd.
Company address:East of Quxi Road and south of Yiyimen Street, High-tech Zone, Tai'an City, Shandong Province

Manufacturer produces CP/CB rubber waterstop with complete specifications, quality assurance, price, new Luther materials product details

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