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The cylindrical wood formwork is made of resin as the formwork surface material, and its own weight is kg/square meter. Its mechanical properties are: ultimate tensile stress of 194N/m ㎡, and ultimate bending stress of 178N/m ㎡. When concrete is poured, the lateral compressive stress of the formwork is about 5.8 to 6.5 N/m ㎡. Resin is used on the columnar mold processing, and the inner surface of the column mold is coated with a layer of high-performance corrosion resin. Wooden round formwork dealer Oute Hubei Huanggang wooden building round formwork 02 column mold has a wall thickness of 15, 18, 20. The thickness of the formwork is consistent, and the surface is uniform and smooth. The template diameter error should be less than 3mm. The steel strip screw hole is Φ12.5 @150 ~200, and the bolt hole is as close as possible to the inner wall of the formwork (it is advisable to facilitate fastening the bolt). Circular formwork knowledge lecture The main construction tools: wrench, 5m steel tape measure, wire pendant, ink bucket, level ruler. 0202 A professional team for labor organization and safety requires 5 to 6 construction workers (which can be determined according to the specific number of cylinders in the project). Operators are composed of skilled technicians, and project technical managers conduct relevant construction technology, quality and safety disclosure before construction. Circular Formwork Knowledge Contest The use of open flames and welding during the installation of cylindrical wood formwork is strictly prohibited. The scaffolding should be firmly erected. When removing the mold, people are not allowed to stand below; removed connectors, etc. are thrown downward from their own height. Quality requirements The specification for the implementation of cylindrical wood formwork is the “Concrete Structure Engineering Construction Quality Acceptance Specification (GB50204-2002)”. During construction, quality control should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the corresponding specifications to ensure the quality of formwork and concrete construction. Product introduction The wooden cylinder mold uses high-quality birch and poplar as the main material, and the surface material is phenolic resin impregnated paper with strong waterproof properties. The phenolic film made of advanced and strict processing technology has a smooth and flat surface, high strength, light weight, strong waterproof, and can be used for many times, and is suitable for clear water concrete pouring in various construction projects. This product has undergone high pressure shaping by a special shaping hot press, through secondary enchantment molding, and surface treatment by far infrared drying line. In addition, the crystal surface has good air permeability and good mold release property, can shorten the concrete solidification time, and ensure that the concrete products achieve high quality effects. Brief description of usage 1 Before use, the edge of the template should be carefully applied with a mold release agent or a protective agent of waste oil, so as not to cause damage to the template during pouring, so as to avoid cement residue sticking to the surface during pouring, causing damage to the template during cleaning.

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Company name:Linyi Oute Building Materials Co., Ltd
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