Shandong produces two certified stabilizers for food additives


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Gelatin is a macromolecular hydrophilic colloid, a product of partial hydrolysis of collagen. According to its properties and uses, it can be divided into photographic gelatin, edible gelatin and industrial gelatin. The quality requirements for gelatin vary depending on the purpose. When used as a binder, bonding strength is mainly required. When used in fields such as photography, food, medicine, etc., the purity of the product is emphasized. 02 [1] 02 Collagen molecules are spirals formed by intertwining three polypeptide chains. Through processing, the collagen molecule spirulina degenerates and decomposes into an alpha component of a single polypeptide chain (alpha chain), a beta component composed of two alpha chains and a gamma-component composed of three alpha chains, and a molecule between which is less than an alpha component or greater than a gamma-component Fragment of chain. It can be seen from this that gelatin is a polydispersed system with a certain molecular weight distribution. Its molecular weight distribution varies depending on the process conditions, and affects the physical and chemical properties of gelatin. 02 [2] 02 Chinese name gelatin Foreign name gelatin 02020202 Gelatin sponge chemical formula no fixed structure CAS registration number 9000-70-8 soluble in hot water, insoluble in cold water 02020202 View colorless to light yellow transparent or translucent flakes or powder should be 02020202 with gelling agent, stabilizer, emulsifier, thickener 02020202 Cooked animal bones, skin and tendons Catalog 102 Introduction 7402 Difference from collagen 202 Physical and chemical properties of gelatin 7402 isoelectric point 7402 Surface activity 7402 Gel strength 7402 Viscosity 302 Classification 402 Production of gelatin 7402 Production by acid method 7402 Alkali method production 7402 Enzyme production 502 Modified gelatin 7402 Pure physics Modified 7402 Blended Modified 7402 Chemically Modified 602 Application in Food 7402 Candy Additives 7402 Frozen Food Improver 7402 Meat Improver 7402 Beverage Clarifier 7402 Food Coating Materials 7402 Allowable Dosage in Food 702 Application in Medicine 7402 Capsule 7402 Plasma Expander 7402 Tissue Engineering and Delivery 802 Other Applications 7402 Photosensitive Industry 7402 Chemical Industry 7402 Paper

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Company name:Shandong Hengyuan Kang Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Company address:Binzhou, Shandong

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