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Product introduction: VMC1270 CNC machining center bed, worktable, slide seat, column, headstock and other large parts are all made of resin sand Yunnan Taibiao casting, and after two aging treatments to eliminate stress, good stability and high strength, to ensure the stability of the machine tool's long-term use accuracy, and provide a guarantee for the stability of the machine tool performance. These large parts are optimized by SOLDWORKS and ANSYS to improve the rigidity and stability of the large parts and the whole machine, and effectively suppress the deformation and vibration of the machine tool caused by cutting forces. Details of vmc1270 machining center: Luo Yi spindle: Using well-known brand P4 grade spindle special bearing and KLUBR NBU15 grease lubrication. After assembly under constant temperature conditions, the whole set of spindles has undergone computer balance correction running test, so that the whole set of spindles has a long service life and high reliability. Taiwan silver screw: X, Y, Z triaxial transmission ball screw, using Taiwan professional supporting manufacturer HIWIN or PMI C3 grade double nut pre-tightening ball screw, both ends of the ball screw adopts imported P4 grade 60° contact angle screw special bearing, screw support adopts pre-tensile structure, reducing the impact of thermal deformation on the accuracy during long-term operation of the machine tool. Optional Shangyin rail: X, Y, Z axis guide rail adopts Taiwan Shangyin HWIN line rail, with automatic forced centralized lubrication, reduce the frictional resistance of feed motion, reduce low-speed crawling, improve the precision life of the machine tool, the rail running speed is fast, high precision, suitable for high-precision processing requirements. Tool magazine: Using high quality 16 or 20 high-speed automatic tool changing tool magazine, accurate tool change, short time, high efficiency, millions of operation tests, and meet the reliability requirements. Optional hat or disc tool magazine, with damping structure, can reduce the impact during exercise and ensure the service life of the tool magazine. Punching cylinder: The pneumatic triplet can filter magazines and moisture in the air source to prevent impure gas from damaging and corroding machine parts. The solenoid valve group is controlled by PLC program to ensure that the spindle loosening, spindle center blowing, spindle clamping, spindle air cooling and other actions can be completed quickly and accurately. Using imported NSK bearings and Taiwan precision VSF lock nuts, the screw can be pretightened to improve the feed accuracy of the base parts. At the same time, there are anti-collision blocks at both ends of the screw to ensure that the screw, bearing and mechanical part are effectively protected when impact occurs. Internal protection: The machine tool adopts a protective room that meets safety standards to prevent coolant from splashing, but also to ensure safe operation and pleasant appearance. 02 Technical parameters Unit VMC1270X axis stroke mm1200Y axis stroke mm700Z axis stroke mm700 worktable size mm1400*700 worktable load-bearing kg800T groove mm5-18-125 spindle cone hole—BT50 spindle power kw11/15 spindle speed RPM8000X axis fast moving mm/min36Y axis fast Moving mm/min36z axis fast moving mm/min24 cutting feed mm/min1-5000 Spindle nose end to worktable distance mm140-740 Spindle center to column guide surface distance mm780 Positioning accuracy mm0.01 Repeat positioning accuracy mm0.0075 Machine weight kg7600 Dimensions mm3400*2480* 2960020202

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Company name:Shandong Golden Eagle Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
Company address:No. 669 Tengfei East Road, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province

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