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1. Environmental protection. 021.02PE material (same material as food plastic wrap), environmental health and health. 2.02 has good oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and chemical resistance; 3.02 has certain cold and heat resistance; 02 has heat sealing performance and high heat sealing strength; 2. Easy to construct. 0202020202021.02 The pipeline distribution system of the ground ring fresh air pipeline is compatible with all conventional fresh air hosts and the same construction methods of air volume control valves and floor heating water dividers, and truly realizes one pipe at one outlet along the way. 2.02 is simple in design and convenient in construction. No joint in the middle, no need to worry about pipe air leakage; 3.02 no hard elbow, no local resistance of the pipe fittings; 4.02 flexible pipe, free bending, no more construction conflict with air conditioning and hydropower; 5.02 small pipe diameter, small punching, small damage to the house, and more secure. 6.02 Due to the flexibility of the bellows, it is possible to have a very small bending radius without the use of additional joints. 7.02 Smooth interior walls can get a lot of flow. 3. No noise. 0202020202021.02 “Fresh Air Pipeline” PE fresh air special pipe is a double-wall structure, and the outer wall is a hollow layer. 2.02 reduces the transmission of host noise and the generation of pipeline vibration noise. 3.02 Since there are no pipe fittings such as rigid elbows and tees, there will be no secondary pipe noise. 4. High wind rate. 0202021.02 With the air volume adjustment distribution box, the air volume distribution of each pipeline can be easily realized. 2.02 The flow rate can be easily adjusted according to the air volume required for each pipeline. 3.02 Since the air volume is diverted in advance, the resistance of wind passing through each pipeline is reduced, and the effective air volume finally obtained by the 4.02 system can be greatly improved compared with the traditional construction method of PVC pipe dividing tee, and the fresh air effect is guaranteed. 5. No secondary pollution. 1.02 All fresh air ducts are made of environmentally friendly and hygienic PE material, 2.02 and have anti-static and antimicrobial coatings, and all pipes and fittings are protected by individual packaging from transportation to construction site, 3.02 are not affected by the outside world, making them more hygienic and safer. The Earth-Ring Fresh Air Pipeline Star Distributed System makes maintenance very simple, and can be cleaned directly from the pipe distribution box and is always hygienic. 4.02 There is no need to worry about secondary pollution of pipelines several years from now. 6. High cost performance. 0202021.02 Compared with PVC piping systems, the material cost is slightly increased, but the construction cost is greatly saved. 2.02 Even without fresh air expertise, it is no longer difficult to DIY a fresh air system that can guarantee the effect.

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