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DO30-IA type three-use meter calibrator Brand: Huaguang Hi-Tech Tel: 0536-8222888 Website: online consultation Ali Wangwang free phone number WeChat communication DO30-IA three-use meter calibrator, multi-function calibrator, digital three-use meter calibrator, meter calibration device 1, purpose, characteristics: DO30 -Type IA multi-function calibrator is an intelligent AC, DC standard voltage, and current calibrator (where AC output is displayed as a true rms value). The instrument has three display windows, which can simultaneously display the output actual value, percentage, and full value of the inspected table. The output range of the instrument can be set according to the full value of the inspected meter, and the corresponding stepping amount can be selected according to the scale of the inspected meter. The output adjustment can be selected from keyboard (key) control or potentiometer control. It has the characteristics of digital display, direct error reading, wide range, fine grading, high precision, good stability, easy to use, etc. Suitable for calibration, inspection and maintenance of four-digit half-digit three-purpose meters, all kinds of pointer AC, DC voltage and ammeters of grade 0.2 and below 0.5. It can also be used as a high-stability test power supply, and calibrate 0.1 grade current and voltmeters with high-grade standard meters. 2. Main functions: 1, 51/2 LED digital display output, according to the actual value and percentage at the same time. 2. Use the keyboard to control the increase or decrease of the output volume. The keyboard control amount is divided into /N, 10% /N, 1% /N, 0.1% /N (N is 4, 5, 6, 10, 15). 3. The external control regulator can control the increase or decrease of the output amount off the machine. The regulator has two configurations, a keyboard and a potentiometer, and can be converted arbitrarily. 4. The AC and DC voltage output range is 0~1050V. 5. AC and DC current output range is 0~10A. 6. AC provides four output frequencies: 50Hz, 60Hz (59.7Hz), 400Hz, and 1000Hz. The crystal oscillator is used to ensure the accuracy and stability of the frequency. 7. Automatic protection of output overload and manual reset. 8. The AC 50Hz output can also be synchronized with the mains to reduce the influence of the beat frequency of the meter being inspected. 9. Clamp meter measurement: equipped with our factory's standard coil, it can measure 0~1000A current, with an error of ± 0.3%. 4. Technical performance: 1. Stability: 0202 AC0.02% of full scale/5 minutes DC 0.01% /5 minutes of full scale The instrument needs to be preheated for two hours for precision measurement. 2. AC distortion: 0.5% 3, DC ripple coefficient: 0.05% (at rated output) 4, output frequency accuracy: 50Hz, 60Hz (59.7Hz), 400Hz, 1kHz0.1% (or mains synchronization) 5. The range and accuracy of output voltage, current and median resistance are shown in (Schedule 1) 0202020202 (23℃±) 2℃, output value greater than 10% range) Schedule (1) Output project output range Rated output large output accuracy AC DC voltage 0~300mV20mA100mA Basic error: DC: ± (0.02% reading +0.03% range) AC: ± (0.03% reading +0.05% range AC voltage 100mV or less, current below 2mA does not assess accuracy 1kHz Additional Error ± 0.05% Reading Voltage Additional Error: ±0.02mv0~1V~3V50mA100mA0~5V~10V~30V100mA200mA0~50V~100V~100V~100V~300V50mA100mA0~250V~500V~1000VDC: 20mAc: 20mAc: 60mA AC/DC current 0 ~ 100mADC: 3VAC: 36V0 ~ 1ADC: 3VAC: 12V0 ~ 10A1.5V standard resistance 10, 24, 50, 100, 240, 500 (Ω), 1, 2.4, 5, 10, 24 (k Ω) plus × 1K, × 1 magnification gear (10kΩ ~ 24mΩ) 0.25W ± (0.3% +20mΩ) Note: (1) the operating environment temperature exceeds 23 ℃ ± 2 ℃, each change 10 ℃, the additional error is less than the basic error of the scale (2) 50A 1kHz error is ± (0.15% of the reading value+0.05% of the full scale) 6, power index: AC power supply voltage 220V ± 10%, frequency 50Hz±1Hz; 7, working Environment: The temperature of the working environment is 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃, the relative humidity is 80% 8, the working time: continuous 9, the external dimensions: 180 × 480 × 480 mm 310, weight: about 16 kg

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Company name:Weifang Huaguang Hi-Tech Electronics Co., Ltd
Company address:218, Building 23, Jinyu Imperial Palace, No. 14175, Jiankang East Street, Kuiwen District, Weifang City, Shandong Province

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