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Mobile ozone generator◆Portable ozone generator◆Mobile ozone disinfector Mobile ozone generator adopts high-frequency high-voltage electrolysis of oxygen in the air to quickly produce high-concentration ozone. It has the functions of rapid sterilization of clean air, purification of water quality, disinfection and sterilization, deodorization, mildew, insect and moth prevention, etc., in line with the Ministry of Health's “Disinfection Technical Specification”, food enterprise HACCP system and GMP management standards To the workshop, Standards for air sterilization between functions such as warehouses, laboratories, changing rooms, etc. The machine is a cabinet type all-in-one machine, and the ozone supply air source system, the ozone generator system, the cooling system, the circuit control panel and other accessories are installed in a movable cabinet. The disinfection machine with four moving wheels can be moved freely, easy to use, can sterilize and purify different rooms; has a regular disinfection function, can be unattended; can pipe air supply disinfection, space and water disinfection and other multi-purpose functions; the machine has large ozone (O3) output, high ozone concentration, low energy consumption, fast disinfection and sterilization speed, no residue and secondary pollution, disinfection machine price and Disinfectant The operating cost is low, ozone disinfection can penetrate and diffuse rapidly, and there are no dead spots in disinfection and sterilization; it is one of the preferred models for daily sterilization and disinfection of the majority of users. Mobile ozone generator technical parameters: Model: OZ-004 power supply: 220V/50Hz power: 130~320W ozone output: 5g/h~20g/h Applicable space: 100~450m06 mobile ozone generator model features: 02 This product is equipped with mobile casters and push-pull armrests, can be motorized disinfection in various target disinfection sites, ozone output can be assembled as needed , strong flexibility and wider application. Main functions: 02 Sterilization and disinfection: Ozone can kill all pathogenic microorganisms such as bacterial propagators, spores, fungi and viruses, etc., and can achieve ideal disinfection and sterilization effects on indoor air and object surfaces. Odor removal: Ozone has excellent odor removal performance. It can quickly oxidize and decompose odors, fumes, dust and other organic or inorganic substances generated by odors to clean the air. Anti-mildew and fresh-keeping: Ozone has a strong ability to kill and inhibit mold. At the same time, it can absorb ethylene gas discharged by breathing fruits and vegetables, inhibit the continued ripening of fruits and vegetables in storage, and has an excellent anti-mildew and fresh-keeping effect on food and fruits and vegetables. Rat and insect repellent: The unique and rapid smell of ozone can repel small animals and insects that are sensitive to odors, such as mice, cockroaches, etc. Health promotion: Ozone can quickly reduce oxygen, increase indoor oxygen concentration, promote human cell activation, improve blood circulation and metabolism, and prevent disease from occurring. Ozone generator product function 021. The ozone gas generated by the mobile ozone sterilizer has strong oxidation and catalysis effects. Viruses and bacteria are affected by various 02 free radicals in the ozone gas 02, so that proteins are dissociated and denatured, and the activity of nucleic acids and enzymes is reduced, so that disinfection and sterilization are carried out. 2. Ozone is a broad-spectrum sterilization and has a strong killing effect on all kinds of bacteria and viruses. 3. The ozone and toxic gases generated by the mobile ozone sterilizer undergo complex physical and chemical reactions such as degradation and oxidation, and by-products, which can avoid secondary pollution. 4. The use of ozone gas to sterilize and disinfect, degrade organic waste gas, remove odors, and purify the air is one of the four major technologies of environmental science in the 21st century. 02 Product features: 1.02 The outer chassis is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, 2.02 mobile, convenient for customers to use, strong flexibility, can be used in various target disinfection sites, etc. Many advantages 3.02 ozone tube is a vacuumed quartz glass tube, high ozone concentration, more thorough disinfection and sterilization, super long life design 4.02 air source and oxygen source all-in-one machine, customers can use model 020202 ozone according to demand Yield (g/h) 0202 Ozone concentration (g/m3) 0202 Rated power (w) 02020202020202020202 Size mmSW-004-3g02020202023020202020202020210-15020202020202021500202020202020202020202320*250* 600Sw-004-5G020202020250202020218-3002020202020202020217002020202020202020202020202320*250*600Sw-004-10G0202021002020202020202020202020218- 30020202020202021800202020202020202020202320*250*600 IV. Product use: :1. Laboratory: oxidation, fading, sewage treatment test and effect experiment of materials. 022. Beverage processing industry: such as pure water, mineral water, sterilization and disinfection of production water for various beverages, etc. 023. Fruit and vegetable processing industry: If the production water for vegetable storage, preservation, processing, etc. 044. Food processing industry: such as production water, production workshop, sterile room, production equipment, tools, etc. 025. Pharmaceutical industry: such as production water, central air conditioning systems, workshops, changing rooms, sterile rooms, etc. 026. Medical industry: such as hospital wards, operating rooms, medical equipment, sterile rooms, etc.

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