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The roadside stone itself cracks mainly due to the relatively poor weathering. If it is exposed to the stone environment for a long time, affected by the sun and wind, rain, frost, etc., it is easy to cause cracks. The light is a microcrack expansion. The stone itself is usually cracking and acid rain, frost loss and other weather coexist. Some cracks in roadside stone are caused by temperature changes, and the expansion coefficients of stone and cement are inconsistent. When the temperature changes, the two are uneven, forming a bond between the stone and the crack. This kind of fracture is generally accompanied by frost loss. The stone cracked along the pavement can be treated seamlessly, and the seamless treatment is divided into wall treatment and foundation treatment, so as to avoid the pollution of the stone gap and improve the decoration quality of the stone. Bio-eroded stone refers to natural stone erosion, forming several elements and some other low organisms attached to the surface of the stone from water and proper temperature. Thus, the decorative effect of natural stone is destroyed, and the service life of the stone is affected. Due to the different diversity of roads and stones, physical and chemical properties, all stones along the road do not need to be maintained, so the composition of the therapeutic agent and the use of different concentrations directly affect the effect of stone protection, and sometimes the use of fake therapeutics has more serious consequences. So in stone maintenance, we should choose the appropriate curing agent combined with other construction techniques due to the structure of the wood, because of the material system, so that it is multiplied by a type of stone. Bioerosive properties of roadside stone: accumulation of moisture and dust. A metabolite of corrosive natural stone. Carbon absorbs light energy and carbon dioxide produces water corrosion stone. After the death of a creature, body decay may corrode the stone. We need to deal with how to prevent and bioerosion:: Make sure the stone has a good protective effect. Keep the stone ventilated and dry. In addition to avoiding long-term violations. Governance: Dredge. A wire brush removes these creatures. It has a special cleaning agent to clean the stains, and then use high-quality stone water treatment.

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Company name:Wulian County Qifa Stone Industry Co., Ltd.
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