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Industrial ozone disinfection equipment Oz-015-1kg large water-cooled ozone generator kilogram grade ozone sterilizer ozone generator Overview: 02 The ozone generator is an equipment device used to prepare ozone. Ozone is easy to decompose and cannot be stored for on-site use (but in special cases it can be stored for a short period of time), and an ozone generator must be used in any place where ozone can be used. Ozone generators are widely used in tap water, sewage, industrial oxidation, space sterilization and other fields. 02 Ozone is a world-recognized broad-spectrum bactericidal disinfectant. Using air or oxygen as the raw material, ozone is generated by high-frequency high-pressure discharge. Ozone has one more active oxygen atom ozone than the oxygen molecule. It has particularly active chemical properties. It is a strong oxidant that can quickly kill XJ in the air at a certain concentration. Classification of ozone generators: I. Ozone generators can be divided into: 1. Corona discharge type; 2. Electrolytic type; 3. Ultraviolet irradiation type; 4. Nuclear radiation type. Corona discharge ozone generators are widely used. It is composed of ozone tube, ozone power supply, air source device and electronic control device. 2. Corona discharge ozone generators can be divided into: membrane media, glass, ceramics, enamel, mica, etc. according to the manufacturing material of the electrode (usually refers to dielectric materials). The widely used material is glass, and glass dielectrics are suitable for large, medium and small ozone generators. However, the poor mechanical strength of glass dielectrics has now been replaced by other materials one after another. Enamel dielectrics should be used more in large ozone generators. It is characterized by compact dielectric and electrode integration structure, high mechanical strength, high ozone yield, etc., and is an excellent material in ozone equipment. III. Ozone generators can be divided into: 1. Power frequency ozone generator (working frequency 50-60Hz); 2. Medium frequency ozone generator (working frequency 600-800Hz); 3. High frequency ozone generator (1KHz-20KHz). High frequency ozone generators have high operating efficiency and save electricity. Power frequency and medium frequency high energy consumption ozone generators have been replaced one after another. 4. According to the amount of ozone generated, ozone generators can generally be divided into: small (ozone output below 100g/h), medium (ozone output 100g/h-1000g/h), and large (ozone output more than 1kg/h). 5. According to the cooling mode, the ozone generator can be divided into: water-cooled, air-cooled, feng-shui double-cooled, oil-cooled, oil-water bipolar liquid-cooled. Small low-concentration ozone generators are usually air-cooled; large and medium-sized ozone generators are basically water-cooled; generators with high ozone concentrations use bipolar cooling. 6. Ozone generators can be divided into: tube type, plate type, vertical type, horizontal type according to the structural form. Small ozone generators are usually tube or plate type, medium-sized ozone generators mostly use multi-tube parallel connection, and large ozone generators are basically horizontal (the inside is composed of several electrodes). Introduction to ozone generator: The ozone generator uses high-pressure ionization (or chemical or photochemical reaction) to decompose and polymerize part of the oxygen in the air into ozone. It is an allotropic transformation process of oxygen; it can also be obtained by electrolytic water method. The instability of ozone makes it difficult to store in bottles. Generally, it can only be produced on site using an ozone generator and used as it is produced. The classification of ozone generators is divided according to the method of ozone generation. There are three main types of ozone generators: one is high-voltage discharge type, the second is ultraviolet irradiation type, and the third is electrolytic type. 1. The scope of use of ozone generators: 1. public places: archives, libraries, hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, entertainment venues, toilets and indoor disinfection of enterprises, institutions and households to purify the air, etc., has the effect of disinfecting and sterilizing archives, books, documents, tools and other supplies. 2. Hospitals, pharmaceutical factories: disinfectants in changing rooms, laboratories, operating rooms, wards, preparation rooms, surgical instruments, isolation gowns, sterile workshops, etc. It is an effective helper for pharmaceutical factories, health food factories, and hospitals to obtain GMP certification, disinfect and sterilize, and purify the air. 3、Food and beverage industry: disinfection and sterilization of workshops, sterile rooms, changing rooms, warehouses and production equipment is a strong guarantee for food factories to carry out HACCP standard production, air purification, sterilization and disinfection. 4. breeding industry: indoor chicken breeding, animal breeding, sterile inoculation, cultivation, etc., deodorizing, disinfecting, sterilizing and purifying the air. 5. warehouse: food, eggs, Chinese herbs, fruits, vegetables, meat products, aquatic products, etc. air disinfection, anticorrosion and fresh-keeping. 6、Others: All industries that need to disinfect and sterilize indoor air, to eliminate ambiguity, mildew and fresh-keeping can be treated with ozone disinfection and sterilization machines.

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