Black sweet glutinous corn seed hybrid variety soft waxy sweet 500 grams


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Specifications: 500 grams Characteristics: 02 02 02 02 02 The full growth period of spring sowing is about 110 days, the harvest period of fresh spikes is about 85 days. Generally, about 25 days after spitting is the appropriate harvest period, the plant height is 220cm, and the spike position is about 90cm. The full fertility period for summer sowing is about 95 days, and fresh spikes are harvested for about 75 days. Generally, about 23 days after spitting is the appropriate harvest period. This variety is compact and sparse, resistant to large and small leaf spot disease, blight, viral disease, developed root system, good resistance to fall, live rod mature, fruit spike cone type, spike length 25cm, spike thickness 4.5cm, spike number of about 16 rows, dark and shiny grain, hard grain type, white shaft, good robustness. Fresh sticks are tender, crispy, sweet, soft and delicate to eat; dried grain processing is edible, sweet, waxy and soft. Cultivation points: 1. Use space or time isolation to prevent glutinous corn skewers with ordinary corn and other colors from affecting quality. Strengthen field management and pay attention to root forks in the early stages. 2. The general cultivation density is 3,000 plants/mu in spring, which mainly gives full play to the advantages of double ears. It is advisable to sow 4,000 plants/mu in summer and autumn. 3. Can be intercropping or interplanting with vegetables. 4. When sowing 5cm in early spring, the ground temperature should be stable above 13℃ before sowing, otherwise it will affect seedling emergence.? Planting Risk Alert 02 02 0202 The climate, temperature, soil and cultivation methods vary greatly in different regions. Choose the varieties you need according to your local conditions. If the varieties you choose are not suitable or the planting season is wrong, it may cause irreparable losses. If your cultivation techniques do not meet the requirements for cultivating the relevant varieties, do not place an order, otherwise it will also cause various unpredictable losses.? About the images and text displayed on the web page? 02 02 02 02 02 The planting images and text descriptions displayed on this web page are the result of a specific planting area, a specific planting time, and good management. They do not imply or imply that the seeds purchased by the buyer will surely grow the results shown in the picture, nor does it imply or imply that the buyer will be able to achieve the conditions `describe`d in the text.? Disclaimer? 02 02 02 02 Due to the different climatic and environmental conditions, cultivation habits and the complex genetic factors of the seeds themselves, this variety must first undergo a small amount of scientific experiments (standard for a small number of experiments: no more than 10 trees for a single variety) before promoting cultivation. After adapting to the local climate and environmental conditions and cultivation habits, production should be arranged reasonably according to the local actual situation in that year. It is an objective fact that the cultivation process will inevitably suffer losses due to factors other than the seed itself, such as climate, cultivation management, and other irresistible natural causes. Please read this statement carefully before purchasing, after purchase, you agree to this disclaimer. We do not accept any legal or financial liability for any loss caused by insisting on purchasing without agreeing to this statement. Qianyu Wangpu

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Company name:Shouguang Fangcheng Agricultural Technology Co.,
Company address:No. 2-27, New Electric Appliance Mall, Shouguang City

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