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02 Jelly is crystal clear, smooth and gluten, and has a wide variety. The common ones are white jelly made of peas, brown jelly made from buckwheat, yellow jelly made of lentils, soybeans, and broad beans, mung bean flour made of mung beans, sand rice flour made of sand rice, white jelly made of potato starch, etc., which can be cut into thin slices or one inch square dice when eating, Some also use a spinner to spin them into noodles, which can be mixed, stir-fried or shabbed, and are popular snacks. The traditional practice is to cook hot in a pot. The smoke is unhygienic. The workload is relatively large and the production efficiency is low, making it difficult to meet the consumer demand of the market. Tianyang jelly machine is a kind of starch curing food machine that saves labor and time by innovating the ripening process by drawing on traditional production methods. Tianyang jelly machine is composed of electric steamer, automatic temperature control device, raw material propeller and discharge head. During production, the water in the steamer is automatically controlled by the instrument, after reaching the ripening temperature of the starch slurry, the added water and the good starch slurry are poured into the machine, so that the starch slurry is stirred at a certain temperature and gelatinized at a certain temperature, and pushed into containers of different shapes to cool and shape is jelly, which can be cooled, You can also eat it fried. Tianyang jelly machine uses 220V power 2.2 or 3KW motor to produce 40-50 kg of fresh products per hour. Tianyang jelly machine has many functions. Replacing different molds or machine heads can produce liangpi, powder skin, Northeast big lifting, hot and sour powder, rice flour, fat sheep flour, Sichuan noodles, rice tofu, rice cakes, rice strips, rice noodles, bowl balls, pickled cakes, etc., so that the machine production is not limited by the season, and there is business in all seasons. Tianyang jelly machine technical parameters: Model 6FT-60, motor 220V1440 to 2.2KW, dimensions: 1200*480*1150mm, weight 65 kg, price: single heater 3460 yuan, double heater 3,600 yuan/unit, stainless steel type 5,800 yuan, 6FT140B type, covering an area: 2 square, manual: 2 people, applicable power 7.5KW, output 180-200 kg/hour, weight 120 kg, external dimensions 140*48*125cm, the price is 4176 yuan/unit for normal type, 7,800 yuan for stainless steel type (excluding motor and freight). Technical and seasoning recipes are provided free of charge when purchased.

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Company name:Qufu Tianyang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Company address:No.1 Guide South Road, Qufu City, Shandong Province

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