Shandong Tianyang Electric Self-cooked One-Time Forming Alum-free Vermicelli Machine


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0202 02 0202 02 02 Vermicelli is a specialty agricultural product made of sweet potato, potato and other starch as raw materials and refined through advanced production technology. The strips are fine, transparent, flexible and bright, smooth and durable, and nutritious, and are a popular table item suitable for all seasons. 02 02 02 02 The traditional process of processing sweet potato vermicelli requires beating and adding alum. It employs a lot of labor and labor intensity. It cannot guarantee food safety, does not meet food hygiene requirements, and also needs to freeze powder and rub powder to facilitate slicing, and the production is very limited. 02 02 02 Are you still struggling to beat gorgon dumplings to make vermicelli? 02 02 02 Are you still adding additives that are harmful to human health such as alum gelatin? 02 02 02 Are you still slicing frozen jelly powder or only leaking powder in winter? 02 02 02 Do you still use washing powder and rubbing powder in a cool environment? 02 02 02 Now there is a kind of fully automatic vermicelli machine, which is composed of mixing and slurry machine, workbench, vermicelli machine, belt conveyor, motor, etc., which subvert the traditional powder leakage process. It adopts double-machine slurry mixing cycle feeding, electric heating visibility instrument temperature control device, and automatically completes the stirring, cooking pulp maturation, leakage powder, joint conveying and other processes to replace the backward workers of traditional manual or semi-manual production Art And equipment, no need to mix gorgon, no need to add alum, gelatin, automatic temperature control cooking pulp ecological smoke-free powder, no need to freeze slitting, no longer suffer from freezing, can not be restricted by external climatic conditions, using sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn, cassava, peas, mung beans and other starch, rice pulp, etc. as raw materials, through industrial mass production to easily realize pure ecological green healthy vermicelli fan rice noodles processing. 02 02 02 02 Performance advantages: 1. No need for fixing, machine mixing, simple operation, labor saving. 02 02 02 022, electric temperature control, water bath slurry cooking, energy saving, ecological and environmental protection. 02 02 02 023. Straight pipe leaks powder, line out, no need to freeze, no need to scrub. 02 02 02 024, the thickness is narrow, the mold is diverse, and the machine is multi-functional, reducing the investment. 02 02 02 automatic vermicelli machine: Model 6FT-140BZ, motor power: mixer 2.2+2.2KW, vermicelli machine 7.5KW, belt conveyor 0.4KW (speed regulation), heater: 12KW, production, volume: 180-200 kg/h, dimensions: 4.6X3.2X2.2 m, weight: 400 kg, price: 21,800 yuan/set 02 02 02 02 Welcome users to the factory to visit the factory, order orders, and purchase machines for on-site training. If it is not convenient for users to go to the factory, they can choose to purchase the machine by remittance. The machine is shipped through logistics, and the detailed mechanical instruction manual and related technical formula are randomly provided, and the technical consultation is long-term, and the two parts that are not man-made damage are replaced by mail free of charge within two years.

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Company name:Qufu Tianyang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Company address:No.1 Guide South Road, Qufu City, Shandong Province

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