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High purity 99.9% content of triethylamine 02 Industrial grade triethylamine can be used as solvent, catalyst and raw material in organic synthesis industry. It can be used to prepare phosphogas polycarbonate catalysts, polymerization inhibitors of tetrafluoroethylene, rubber vulcanization accelerators, special solvents in paint remover, enamel hardening agents, surfactants, preservatives, fungicides, ion exchange resins, dyes, fragrances, high-energy fuels and liquid rocket propellants. Products that consume triethylamine in the pharmaceutical industry are (consumption quota, t/t): ampicillin sodium (0.465), hydroxyampicillin (0.391), Pioneer IV (2.550), cefazoline sodium (2.442), cefradine (1.093), oxypiperazine penicillin (0.584), ketoconazole (8.00), vitamin B6 (0.502), fluoridinic acid ( 10.00), praziquantel (0.667), thiotidiazone (1.970), penicillamine (1.290), huanglianthin hydrochloride (0.030), isopoterm (0.540), alprazolam (3.950), o-chlorophenacetic acid (0.010), and pipericylic acid, etc.

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Company name:Shandong Chengshuo Chemical Co., Ltd
Company address:Linyi, Shandong

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