T844 brake drum lathe floor manual disc machine vertical boring drum machine


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02 Types of lathes: Ordinary lathes have a wide range of machining objects, a wide range of spindle speed and feed adjustment, and can process the inner and outer surfaces, end faces and internal and external threads of workpieces. The lathe is mainly manually operated by workers, low in production efficiency, and is suitable for single-piece, small-batch production and repair workshops. The turret and the rotary lathe are provided with a turret tool holder or a rotary tool holder capable of loading multiple tools, and workers can use different tools to complete various processes in one clamping of workpieces in turn, and is suitable for batch production. The automatic lathe automatically completes the multi-process processing of small and medium-sized workpieces according to a certain procedure. It can automatically load and unload the same workpiece, and repeatedly process a batch of the same workpiece, which is suitable for large batch and mass production. Multi-tool semi-automatic lathes are divided into single-axis, multi-axis, horizontal and vertical. The layout of the single-axis horizontal type is similar to that of an ordinary lathe, but the two sets of tool holders are installed on the front and back of the spindle or above and below the spindle, and are used to process disc, ring and shaft workpieces, and the productivity is 3 to 5 times higher than that of an ordinary lathe. Profiling lathes can automatically complete the processing cycle of workpieces by imitating the shape and size of samples or samples (see Profiling Machine Tools). They are suitable for small-batch and batch production of workpieces with complex shapes, and the productivity is 10 to 15 times higher than that of ordinary lathes. There are multi-tool holder, multi-axis, chuck type, vertical type, etc. The vertical lathe spindle is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, the workpiece is clamped on the horizontal rotary table, and the tool holder moves on the beam or column. It is suitable for machining large, heavy workpieces that are difficult to install on ordinary lathes. It is divided into two categories: single column and double column. The shovel lathe is turning, and the tool holder periodically makes a radial reciprocating motion, and is used for shaping tooth surfaces of forklift cutters, hob cutters, etc. A small grinding wheel shovel grinding surface, usually with a shovel attachment and driven by a separate motor. Lathes that specialize in machining specific surfaces of certain types of workpieces, such as crankshaft lathes, camshaft lathes, wheel lathes, axle lathes, roll lathes, and ingot lathes. Combined lathe is mainly used for turning, but with some special parts and accessories, it can also perform boring, milling, drilling, insertion, grinding, etc. It has the characteristics of “one machine and multiple functions”, and is suitable for repair work on engineering vehicles, ships or mobile repair stations. Saddle Lathes The saddle lathe has a sunken left end bed at the headbox and can accommodate parts with large diameters. The shape of the lathe is two heads high and the middle is low, and resembles a saddle, so it is called a saddle lathe. Saddle lathe is suitable for machining parts with large radial size and small axial size. It is suitable for turning the outer circle, inner hole, end face, grooving and metric, inch, modulus, articular thread of the workpiece. It can also perform drilling, boring, reaming and other processes, especially suitable for single piece and batch production enterprises. Saddle lathes can process large diameter workpieces in the saddle slot. The machine tool guide rail is hardened and finely ground, which is convenient and reliable to operate. The lathe has the characteristics of high power, high speed, strong rigidity, high precision and low noise. “

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Company name:Zaozhuang Longshan Machine Tool Co., Ltd
Company address:Industrial Park No. 10

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