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【Product Introduction】Each stick of the roller crusher is driven by a separate motor. The other end of the roller shaft of the fixed bearing is equipped with a gear, and the movable stick is driven by the gear. Due to changes in material properties that cause the movable stick to move left and right, the height of the gear teeth must be increased to prevent the teeth from disengaging. Therefore, traditional roller crushers use long-tooth gear transmission, which allows changing the distance between the two rollers during operation without crushing the tooth fitting characteristics. The working surface of the roller depends on the requirements of use, and can be selected with a smooth surface or a toothed surface or a groove surface. For crushing hard, highly abrasive materials, smooth rollers can be used. Because the crushing effect of the smooth roller on the material is mainly crushing and grinding, it is mainly suitable for medium and fine crushing of medium and hard materials. For roller crushers, the discharge port size can be adjusted for products of different particle sizes. In order to prevent the crusher from being damaged by iron, it must also be equipped with an insurance device. The movable roller type of the roller crusher is supported by spring pressure. Under normal working conditions, the spring force is sufficient to overcome the crushing force required for crushing materials. Different thickness gaskets are placed between the rack and the movable bearing, and the width of the discharge port between the two rollers can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different product granularity by changing the number of gaskets. When the material can not be broken into the crushing cavity, the spring is compressed, the movable roller returns the discharge port to increase, and after the material is discharged, under the pressure of the spring, the movable roller is reset. This is a mechanical discharge port adjustment and overload protection device (safety device). Roller crusher supplier: Weifang Huading Heavy Industry Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. [Equipment use] Double roller crusher is reliable in work, simple in maintenance, low in operating cost, and adjustable discharge particle size. According to the number of rollers, it can be divided into double roll crusher and four-roll crusher. It can be widely used in refractory, cement, metallurgy, chemical, electric power, coal and other industries for brittle and tough materials processing. [Equipment characteristics] 1. Equipped with a roller crusher in the grinding system, the production capacity of the grinding equipment can be fully exploited. Generally, the output can be increased by 30-percent by 40%, and the total energy consumption can be reduced by 20-percent by 302 percent. Compact structure, light weight and small size, can significantly save investment by equipping roller crushers for grinding systems with the same production capacity requirements. 3. Simple structure, small space occupation, convenient operation and maintenance. 4. The interior is equipped with a dustproof board, good sealing performance, avoiding splashing of small materials after crushing, less dust, low working noise, and greatly improving the working environment. 5. The abrasive roller body has been re-optimized. There is no need to change the roller body of the mill for life when the equipment is used, and the old roller machine needs to be disassembled and overhauled for one year to replace the roller body. 6. The grinding roller of the roller crusher is equipped with a replaceable wear-resistant liner. The wear-resistant liner adopts domestic advanced wear-resistant materials, and has the advantages of long service life, not easy to damage, convenient maintenance, etc. The continuous service life can reach more than one year. If the wear is severe, it can be replaced by removing the cover. The maintenance volume is small and the cost is low, which is unmatched by any other type of crusher in China. 7. The roller crusher is equipped with a protective device. When an accidental metal iron piece enters the crushing cavity, the protective device works, and the iron leakage equipment operates normally. 8. The roller seam of the abrasive roller body of the roller crusher can be adjusted arbitrarily between 1mm and 20mm. After the roller seam is adjusted according to the requirements of the crushing particle size, the crushing particle size can be reliably controlled, and all are discharged from the bottom of the crushing cavity with the ideal particle size. 9. Simple and reasonable structure, low operating cost, stable operation, energy saving, high crushing efficiency, adjustable discharge particle size. 10. The roller crusher is the working principle of low speed and high pressure roller extrusion. The material falls vertically into the crushing cavity from the upper part of the crusher. Under the strong pressure generated between the two rolls, most of the material has become powdery, and the remaining small part of the granular material has generated a lot of cracks inside. In the further crushing process, the grinding energy consumption can be greatly reduced and the yield can be increased.

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