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Jinan Hengda Sculpture Co., Ltd. specializes in: stainless steel sculpture, cast copper sculpture, forged copper relief sculpture, FRP sculpture, low elastic modulus FRP elastic modulus is twice as large as wood, but 10 times smaller than steel (E=2.1 × 106), so the product structure often feels insufficient rigidity and is easy to deform. It can be made into a thin shell structure, a sandwich structure, or can be compensated by high-modulus fibers or reinforcing ribs. Poor long-term temperature resistance. Generally, FRP cannot be used for a long time at high temperatures. The strength of general polyester FRP decreases significantly above 50℃, and is generally only used below 100℃; general-purpose epoxy FRP is above 60℃, and the strength is significantly reduced. However, high-temperature resistant resins can be selected, so long-term operating temperatures of 200~300℃ are possible. Aging phenomenon Aging is a common defect of plastics, and FRP is no exception. It is easy to cause performance degradation under the effects of ultraviolet rays, wind, rain and snow, chemical media, mechanical stress, etc. Low interlayer shear strength The interlayer shear strength is borne by the resin, so it is very low. Interlayer adhesion can be improved by selecting the process, using coupling agents and other methods. The most important thing zhu wants is to avoid interlayer shear FRP sculptures during product design. Through painting, spraying, distressing, pasting and other methods, it can imitate gold, silver, copper, antique copper, imitation jade, imitation stone, etc., for example: antique copper, there are more than a dozen techniques and effects, color Natural, full, strong copper texture, real copper rust The pattern and texture are very beautiful, and cannot be achieved by metal products. FRP sculptures are manufactured using a hand paste molding method. Before manufacturing, according to the external characteristics of the sculpture, it will be moved from the angle of easy molding and demoulding, and the mold can be synthesized into several units to be reproduced. The unit product is then molded, and then combined into a whole. Finally, the product was disposed of and painted as a whole, and a FRP sculpture was manufactured. There are four types of FRP sculptures: thematic sculptures, decorative sculptures, display sculptures, and memorial sculptures. Do you know that each of these four major types has its own characteristics? Thematic sculpture: It combines with the surrounding environment to give full play to the integration of sculpture and the environment. Decorative sculpture: It is the main component of the environment, and decorative sculpture can enhance the characteristics of the environment. Display sculpture: It is a special kind of sculpture that can be displayed sexually for people to visit and enjoy, and is recognized by people. Monumental sculpture: It is a symbol of history, it can be an ancient celebrity or an event.

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Company name:Jinan Hengda Sculpture Co., Ltd.
Company address:Jibei Development Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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