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Plastic scraper professional paper scraper phone Dezhou Shuoxing 0202020202020202 The more formal statement of plastics is called post-consumer plastic waste, which refers to waste plastic products after consumption or use. Plastics also produce waste and waste in synthesis, molding, circulation, etc. These plastic wastes are also called pre-consumer plastic waste. Although this also falls within the scope of waste plastics, because the amount they generate is relatively small, easy to recycle and has great recycling value, manufacturers generally recycle themselves and use recycled products directly in production. Therefore, what people usually call waste plastic mainly refers to post-consumer plastic waste. Recycled plastic is the reuse of plastic. After mechanical sheet crushing operation, the plastic can be reused. EP scraper ep scraper carbon fiber scraper, carbon fiber scraper manufacturer” detailed introduction The scraper is a whole one-time molding (no short bonding), high strength, uniform, delicate texture, wear resistance (friction coefficient is very small), has good self-lubrication, heat resistance, especially used in paper machine drying cylinder, calender roller, net roller, press roller, paper roller, unique. It has the strength of steel and copper materials, comprehensive performance of wear resistance, does not scratch the cylinder and roller surface, plays the role of protecting the cylinder and roller, compensates for the shortcomings of steel, copper and cloth phenolic scraper, and prolongs the service life of the cylinder and roller. The outstanding characteristics of the carbon fiber scraper produced by our company are that the product is no distortion, uniform texture, smooth plane, and no garbage phenomenon on the paper surface. It has unparalleled characteristics of carbon fiber scrape produced by any company. The carbon fiber scraper is suitable for ceramic roller, drying cylinder, chrome plating roller, rolling roller and hard rubber roller. It is composed of carbon fiber and glass fiber, and has high self-lubricating property, good scraping effect and long service life. The technology adopts orange oil to dissolve the waste polyphenylene foam plastic, and then precipitates the polybenzene by adding a precipitant (organic reagents such as alcohols, ethers, etc.), the polybenzene can be recycled and reused by filtering, and the solvent and the precipitating agent are separated by adding additives, and the solvent, the auxiliary and the precipitating agent can be separated by distillation. The polyphenylene and solvent recovery efficiency is high, and the obtained polybenzene performance is not much different from the standard performance, and can be directly used to prepare new polyphenylene foam; the reagent used is safe, does not cause secondary pollution, and can be recycled, and the solvent recovery rate reaches more than 95%. The whole process only needs simple heating, which saves energy and reduces production costs. Carbon fiber scraper is made of carbon fiber cloth or carbon fiber cloth plus glass fiber cloth or carbon fiber cloth inner layer with glass fiber cloth plus silicon carbide layer fiber cloth or zirconium steel layer fiber cloth, prepared by binder bonding; carbon fiber cloth, glass fiber cloth prepreg glue, cutting, paving, heating and pressurization into a plate, and then slitting, cutting and grinding. At the end of the scraper, the cutting edge angle is 20-60 degrees; the scraping thickness is 1.5-10mm. , the width is 76-270mm; the length is customized as required. The other end of the scraper is a connecting end, and can be connected with the frame in the form of a U-groove or a copper rivet riveting or a butterfly plate after installing a butterfly plate. The utility model has high temperature resistance, good strength, simple manufacture, low cost and convenient use.

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Company name:Dezhou Shuoxing Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
Company address:Shandong Dezhou City Decheng District China Dezhou Northeast City Development Zone

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