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The overall trend of the PVC plastic raw material market for long-term supply of poly guide strip L-type wear-resistant strip manufacturers will maintain a pattern of wide shock. Raw material calcium: The supply of calcium carbide market has been tight recently, and the output of calcium carbide companies is also relatively unstable. Supported by favorable factors such as tight transport vehicles, it is expected that the overall trend of the calcium carbide market in October 2017 may continue to operate in a strong pattern. Analysis from the perspective of supply: According to relevant data, the maintenance of manufacturers will still be concentrated in October 2017, and the overall supply will continue to remain low. Analysis of downstream demand: According to the situation in previous years, gold, nine silver ten is the traditional peak sales season for plastic raw materials. Demand for PVC terminals is expected to improve, and the order volume may increase. Chain guide rail is a kind of static pressure guide rail used to support and guide the chain, reduce chain friction, reduce noise, and enhance the service life of the chain. Using 5 million ultra-high molecular weight, high wear-resistant and temperature-resistant engineering plastics, it has economical, pollution-free characteristics. High-precision chain guide with high wear resistance, temperature resistance, precision, stability, silence, environmental protection, etc. Chain Guide - Low wear. Low frictional resistance. Self-lubricating. (No need for any lubricating oil), impact resistance... operating temperature range -200~+80℃. It has a shock absorbing effect, is not susceptible to moisture in a humid environment... has high chemical resistance... has corrosion resistance, and can be used in direct contact with food. Long-term supply poly guide strip l type wear-resistant strip manufacturer chain guide rail Product features: 1. High impact strength, especially at low temperatures. 2. It has strong wear resistance, and its wear resistance is 5 times that of nylon 66 and polytetrafluoroethylene, and 7 times that of carbon steel. 3. The friction coefficient is small, only 0.07-0.11, and has good self-lubricating properties. 4. Good non-adhesion, easy to clean surface adhesives. 5. The chemical properties are stable, and the vast majority of inorganic, organic acids, alkalis, salts and organic solvents are not corrosive to UHMW. The structure of plastics and the linkage mechanism of molecular chains. In thermoplastics, the individual molecules of a chain molecule are bound to each other by a strong primary bonding force (primary bond). In contrast, linear molecules are bound together by much weaker sub-bonding forces (sub-bonds). The bonding force between thermoplastic molecules determines the strength and heat resistance of the plastic. The bonding force between the molecules is determined by the chemical properties of the monomer, the length of the chain molecules and their arrangement. The three-dimensional mesh structure of thermosets is formed by crosslinking molecular primary bonds. Individual linear molecules can no longer be limited to a certain range. The properties of thermosets are mainly determined by the chemical structure of the molecules and the tightness of the molecular crosslinks. 6. It has excellent aging resistance, and its aging life is more than 50 years under natural light. 7. It is completely hygienic, and is suitable for industries with high hygienic requirements such as food and other industries. 8. Small density and light weight. Easy to carry and install. Polymer poly chain guide series product features 020202 Excellent wear resistance, good low temperature impact resistance, self-lubrication, no water resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance is better than ordinary PE, the disadvantage is low heat resistance (thermal deformation temperature), poor processing formability, outer surface hardness, rigidity, creep resistance is not as good as ordinary engineering plastics, and the expansion coefficient is too large. UHMWPE has poor fluidity and extremely high viscosity in the molten state. It is a rubber-like high-viscosity body. In the early days, it can only be molded by pressing and sintering, and can also be processed by extrusion, injection molding and plastic methods. 02 How can plastic products companies that supply poly guide strip L-type wear-resistant strips for a long time be licensed so that they are not washed out of the market? Plastic raw material prices rose strongly Polypropylene is a major raw material for plastic products. In August this year, its price rose step by step, and in September, it showed a relentless momentum. Industry insiders say it has risen to doubts about life. According to statistics, the price of polypropylene per ton rose from 7,900 yuan in early July to 9,500 yuan, with a cumulative increase of 1,600 yuan per ton, more than 30% over the same period last year. After a round of price increases at the end of last year, plastic raw materials experienced a long pullback in the first half of this year, and the current market can be seen as bottoming out. This wave coincides with the peak production season for gold, nine silver, and ten. Many factories are waiting for the raw materials to get out of the pot, so the impact is quite large. The mechanical properties are higher than the average high-density poly. It has outstanding impact resistance, stress cracking resistance, high temperature creep resistance, low friction coefficient, self-lubrication, excellent chemical corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, noise damping, nuclear radiation resistance, etc. The operating temperature is 100 to 110 degrees Celsius. It has good cold resistance and can be used at -269℃. The product with a density of 0.96g/cm3 and a molecular weight of 2 million has a tensile strength of 40MPa at break, 350% elongation at break, 600MPa of flexural modulus, and continuous impact impact at the gap of the cantilever beam. Wear amount (MPC method) 20mm.

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