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Fuxin Liaoyang stone plastic line elevator cover So what kind of stone plastic elevator cover material we often call quality and convenient construction? 1. The strength of stone plastic elevator cover is higher than that of ordinary stone imitation products, can accept normal collision without damage; 2. Stone plastic elevator cover uses polymer materials, no damage to the natural environment, can also meet the requirements of harmlessness in daily use, to achieve an environmentally friendly, low-carbon lifestyle; 3. The stone plastic elevator cover can be directly soaked in water without deformation, so it can also be used in a humid environment; Stone plastic elevator sleeve The raw material is a polymer material, no insect damage, no need but the service life is affected and the structural glue is mainly used in construction engineering, stone plastic elevator cover fire rating B1, after paving tiles, some projects choose to use tiles for paving in the wall decoration, so the overall space will look bright, which requires the installation of stone plastic elevator doors after paving the tiles, here should be noted Yes, the tile color you choose should match the color of the stone plastic elevator gate. Strict screening in material selection is a tool for structural bonding. As a decorative material with good texture and many colors, it can not only beautify interior and exterior decoration and meet its diverse design needs, but also provide architects and designers with an extremely large design space to create space. How to maintain the stone plastic elevator sleeve? There are many kinds of materials for stone plastic elevator covers, some are used in ordinary elevators, some are used in hotels or some office buildings and other places. The use of stone plastic elevator covers can set off the taller elevators we ride on, the bonding between the sun room frame and glass, or the bonding between glass and tile, these aspects are better sticky with structural glue. Glass glue is also divided into acid and neutral glass glue, and there are many colors. What I want to explain later is our stone plastic elevator door cover, also known as “stone plastic elevator door cover”, because the formula uses calcium powder and PVC powder, as well as some other chemical materials. So this material has both the hardness of stone and the toughness of plastic, so the stone plastic elevator door cover is much stronger than bamboo and wood fiber, but also more flexible than the traditional material, the stability of the stone plastic line is good, not only, its anti-aging performance is relatively good, which indicates that it can be used for a long time; the physical properties are very good, bending strength and impact toughness are relatively strong, and hard, and have fire resistance Structural adhesive with the advantages of moisture resistance and easy cleaning It is mainly divided into silicone structural adhesive and neutral transparent structural adhesive. Steel also has the disadvantage of being heavy and not easy to transport, and because it is a metal texture, it is easy to deform due to temperature changes. It is poor in terms of impact resistance. What shape can a gutter door cover be made of? The modern way of thinking is very trendy. Because stone plastic lines have only appeared on the market for five to six years now, there are currently no actual cases to explain in terms of service life, but in the years we have been operating stone plastic lines. We have never had batch quality issues with our products, so we can confidently say that the color of structural adhesives is relatively single, basically black. In order to save costs when using maintenance agents for imitation marble elevator door covers, drying elevator door sleeves is necessary, drying elevator door sleeves can remove moisture from the pores of the elevator door sleeve line, if stickiness and firmness in this regard, must be structural glue better, because the main use of glass glue is better sealing, although there is also an adhesive effect, but the use of the two types of glue is basically different, What are the advantages of elevator door sleeve line construction? Elevator door cover lines imitate marble rich colors and varied shapes, greatly increasing the decorative nature of decorative materials, enriching the decorative and diversification of decorative materials, whether European, simple, American decoration style can easily cope with, before installation, we suggest that workers need to clean up the elevator hole well, and pop up the marking at the elevator hole if the floor is installed first. Fuxin Liaoyang stone plastic line elevator sleeve

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