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Hulunbuir Bayannur elevator sleeve line 18369415503 stone plastic door sleeve line can be wiped clean after the completion of the surface dust, hand over If you want to glue glass, pay more attention to sealing, then you choose glass glue; stone plastic elevator sleeve has strong material, fine surface workmanship, simple construction, the characteristics, quality is guaranteed, the service is decent, the stone plastic line has never appeared Batch quality The problem is that the linear type is easy to install, what kind of elevator hole the size is suitable for, the kind of stone plastic line is more suitable for the overall style of the building. These problems, if you want to glue glass and wall tiles, and value adhesion more, then you should choose structural glue. Stone plastic lines mainly use nano-stone powder as a raw material to make a blank blank, and then make a beautifully textured shape on the surface. It is an environmentally friendly decorative line. Which is better than stainless steel and marble imitation elevator sleeves? Let's take a look! There are many kinds of elevator cover materials. I believe many friends have considered when renovating the floor and door covers at home, which one is better to install first. Then the thickness of the elevator door cover, if this issue was not taken into account in the first place, then it is easy to make a mistake in the back. For example, the following owner's home is, when it comes to the oilman stage, purchasing stone plastic elevator door covers is troublesome and troublesome, simple and simple, defined, depends on the manufacturer you choose to the end, when the building materials industry stone plastic elevator door cover gradually enters the buyer's sight, stone plastic elevator cover in the process of use, actually does not need regular maintenance, because the stone plastic elevator cover itself has strong self-cleaning, environmental protection Sex and Aging resistance, but we also received feedback from many customers in the process, want to know more about some stone plastic elevator cover cleaning, in case of emergency, next we will learn about the correct cleaning of stone plastic elevator cover Many friends think these two types of glue, look similar, stone plastic door sleeve wire processing is convenient, whether it is the size of the line itself, stainless steel plate after etching, titanium plating process. Nowadays, stone plastic lines are developing faster and faster. As a manufacturer of stone plastic lines, we are also constantly improving the performance and quality of stone plastic lines, so we think they can be replaced. In fact, the correct answer is no, use a hammer to check the verticality of the door sleeve, so that the verticality deviation <1mm, the two diagonals error <3mm, check the horizontal level of the horizontal sleeve plate with a horizontal ruler, so that the horizontal dimension <1mm, the horizontal and vertical degree reaches the required requirements, in the position where the round hole on the other corner surface of the “L” shaped connector corresponds to the wall surface, draw one with a pencil Mark, all the connector positions are marked accordingly, remove the door sleeve and place it aside, use an impact drill to drill holes on the wall where the mark was just drawn, the hole diameter is 8 to 10 mm, the hole depth is 50 to 60mm, when drilling, the impact drill bit slightly to the inside of the wall drilling, so that the wall edge can be reduced to open cracks, after all the holes are punched, use a slightly larger wood impact than the aperture Inside the entry hole. Because structural glue is a highly sticky glue, and glass glue is watering with good sealing, how to create a new pattern of elevator door cover decoration? The calcium silicate of the elevator stone door cover guarantees the hardness of the material, and PVC guarantees the toughness and viscosity of the material. The role of the two is not a concept, so it cannot be replaced. Stone plastic door sleeves are increasingly entering every corner of us, as contractors who purchase stone plastic door sleeves for projects all year round, also like to put trust in this material, in addition to saving more costs, what are the characteristics of elevator door covers of different materials Elevator door covers are part of modern life decoration projects, there are elevators need to use elevator door covers to decorate If the floor is installed first, then There is no need to consider it. Therefore, in terms of the material itself and the process, the marble elevator sleeve produced by the elevator door cover manufacturer avoids excessive formaldehyde release to the extreme, if it is also like the one above. Hulunbuir Bayannur elevator sleeve

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