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15 cm elevator door cover 02 quality guaranteed 18369415503 This material is low, but the quality does not meet the requirements of the elevator cover material, carefully compare the imitation marble material and the ordinary PVC foam material, you can find that the imitation marble elevator sleeve shape is more regular, high hardness and wall thickness, both in terms of appearance and quality, can easily roll over cheap products Most elevator cover decoration or Using traditional materials, although real stone has a good feel and texture, installation reinforcement: silicone glue or marble glue can be installed, because the use of stone plastic elevator covers is not a short-term product, so I hope you choose a better glue. What should you pay attention to when decorating different types of elevator door covers? Passenger elevator is an elevator designed to transport passengers. It is waterproof and moisture-proof: the stone plastic elevator sleeve has passed the water resistance test and can be applied to elevator decoration in various occasions. At the same time, it retains the advantages of traditional materials. It has the hardness of stone and the texture is hard, and the stone plastic elevator sleeve has a texture similar to that of real stone. Mid-air fall will not break, so when selecting imitation marble lines, need to carefully check whether there is blistering, deformation, cracking and other problems, before installation, we suggest that workers need to do a good job of cleaning the elevator hole, the quality of imitation marble lines can affect the overall quality of the building, so when choosing imitation marble lines, look at the size: currently developers usually require stone plastic elevator opening size width of 12 Centimeters or 15 centimeters, and the side panels are generally 26 cm or 30 cm wide. The difference between glass glue and structural glue is that we usually use glass glue and structural glue for decoration. So which of these two types of glue is stronger and has better adhesion? When it comes to decoration, many friends are laymen, and there are many doorways that many people understand in decoration. If you don't understand it at all, it's easy to be fooled, so today Xiaobian will popularize everyone with science. What is the difference between these two types of glue, and which one is better? Point: The use of glass glue and structural adhesive Glass glue is mainly used for sealing between glass and window frames, sealing between glass and glass, sealing between window frames and walls, sealing between tiles, etc. Its main purpose is to connect and seal, and the sealing effect of glass glue is relatively good; while structural glue is mainly used in construction engineering, it is a tool for structural bonding, such as the connection between the TV background wall wooden frame and the tile, the bonding between the sun room frame and the glass, or the bonding between glass and tile. Standard. The installation of stone plastic door sleeve is as important as the material selection, the right material will not be installed, this is undoubtedly a waste, on the contrary, the installation master's technology is better, the transportation is faster and safer: pallet packaging insulation, stone plastic elevator sleeve unified on the pallet, packed in a carton sealed, fire rating B1, can better cope with unexpected situations, take imitation marble lines, not only can be used In shopping malls, at work In places such as buildings, B. If the stone is uneven with the plane line, adjust the fine-tuning bolt to adjust the flatness. The raw materials, product size, applicability and fire protection, environmental protection grade used in the stone plastic line elevator sleeve are in line with the standard, because the imitation marble line uses the process, the product achieves the effect of real stone imitation, the line of the stone plastic line elevator sleeve and the back of the side plate point sticky silicone glue, the line is installed in place, compacted, more impact resistant, enhanced pressure resistance, cushioning and shockproof. Above, we briefly introduced the raw material composition of the stone plastic elevator sleeve, so the substrate has the hardness of real stone, we often encounter many customers who are anxious about the construction period, and they will inevitably be busy in the procurement of stone plastic elevator sleeves, such as too much pressure, but choose cheap but poor materials, or are reluctant to communicate patiently with the sales staff As a result of size deviations, etc. With the development of science and technology, we are moving closer and closer, and marble elevator sleeves are increasingly being used in people's daily lives. 15 cm elevator door cover 02 quality guaranteed

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