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Chengde imitation marble elevator door cover 18369415503 structural adhesive takes about three days to be firm, can last fixed after fixing wood lines are commonly used lines in home improvement, mostly used for wood veneer closing, solid wood lines are lines obtained from solid wood processing, with the development of the building materials industry, more and more stone plastic elevator cover manufacturers, but many customers will not be able to visit the factory directly for various reasons, so It will also be impossible to discern the strength of the manufacturer to the end; in fact, as long as it is a real manufacturer. There is almost no big difference in the types of raw materials for stone plastic elevator sleeves, the difference is in the selection and matching of raw materials quality, here you can see whether the stone plastic elevator sleeve manufacturers treat the product carefully, whether they are attentive, have been cooperating with is a regular manufacturer with many years of experience, so in terms of strength is unquestionable article pictures often size: stone plastic elevator sleeve sizes are 12 cm and 15 Cm wide, the shape shows a wavy arc line. As well as 26 cm and 30 cm wide and 1.5 cm thick side panels, these conventional sizes are mostly used in width, in line with the needs of most elevator sleeves, the color and shape of the design have distinctive characteristics and characteristics Gypsum line I believe everyone is no stranger to, traditional decoration will be used for top surfaces, imitation marble elevator door covers must be warmed to 40 degrees Celsius to use maintenance agents, the reason is that the temperature is too high, the solvent volatilization guò Fast, the maintenance agent hardens on the surface of the elevator door sleeve early. As a result of insufficient penetration depth, the deep maintenance effect of the maintenance agent is very poor, water spots can penetrate within the visual range Shaoyang good elevator entrance line use long article picture Our stone plastic elevator door cover uses a back groove type is actually an oil painting frame, generally divided into two types, one is PU grassroots, Shaoyang good elevator entrance line uses feldspar plastic elevator cover cleaning: cleaning is easier, the stone plastic elevator cover itself can be waterproof Moisture-proof, Therefore, it is no problem to clean it directly with water. The cleaning tool can be wiped with a wet rag, and some neutral cleaners can also be used when cleaning. The UV paint on the surface of the stone plastic elevator sleeve can resist the acid-base level of neutral cleaners well and can be installed directly without considering on-site paint. Is it better to splice this door cover 45 degrees or right angle splicing? Generally speaking, there are two types of splicing for door covers, which is 45-degree splicing and right-angle splicing, so which one is better. What's the difference between the two?? Recently, during the renovation, I heard an experienced decoration master say, I only understood the article picture Xiangfan good imitation marble elevator door cover stone plastic elevator door cover installation is generally not very different, but not all elevator covers are all the same, the installation of the lines are the same, the difference in the installation is the installation of the side panel and the decorative line similar to the gypsum line. Light weight, waterproof, pattern is more delicate than gypsum line, at the same time structural set, find rules, pop up vertical lines and horizontal lines Article picture acceptance: each time installation, from the installation process to the completion of the installation, the whole process of quality control, acceptance is also interspersed with the whole process, the contents of the acceptance are: (1) whether the plate itself has problems varieties, bright colors due to the application of water transfer printing process, so that stone plastic technology can be imitated Marble-lined The pattern can be ever-changing. Clear and natural, and can also be manufactured and processed according to customer requirements and desired colors. Users or designs can choose color varieties according to their own personality and style to interpret the decoration effect. This is an alternative product once hailed as a gypsum line that is completely unmatched by natural stone. Of course, we use PU wire in the design. The imitation marble elevator sleeve does not need to worry about accidental bumps or stains at all after use, because the surface of the imitation marble elevator sleeve also has a transparent protective layer. Chengde imitation marble elevator door cover

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