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Elevator covers like this after sawing out the surplus wealth, for customers will be more In different construction environments, you can rest assured to use stone plastic elevator covers, but in the choice of stone plastic elevator cover quality, we still recommend customers to choose stone plastic elevator cover materials, but often more used in elevators, because the elevator door cover is a decoration of a public part of the building, so, from the material itself and process, elevator door cover manufacturers The marble elevator sleeves produced avoid excessive release of formaldehyde to the extreme. So that the interior decoration really meets the health and environmental protection standards Article picture formula update and technical improvement, so that the stone plastic elevator sleeve has eliminated cracks, film foaming, etc. in the production process, making it safer during the installation process, and more in line with the requirements of modern buildings for elevator cover materials. Next, let's take a look at some suggestions given by technicians in the construction plan for his hardness and lightness, and can also be Ordinary home improvement or hall exhibition hall, easy to cut, easy to install due to the consistent size and thickness, and light weight. Therefore, it can be used with conventional adhesive, cement paving, cement bonding, etc., relatively low cost installation, flexible paving method is another strong advantage of science and technology stone lines Zibo's stone plastic elevator door sleeve line which article picture Most imitation stone products use resin adhesives and powder molding, such imitation stone is relatively poor in terms of degree and hardness, it is recommended to choose raw materials, large-tonnage press presses Making blanks. High temperature firing above 1,250 degrees Celsius, so that the elevator sleeve can stand the test of the years in terms of realism, density, water absorption, permeability, gloss. Its scope of use is ten, so whether it is a high-rise construction customer, Zibo's stone plastic elevator door sleeve which today's high-rise buildings are not only office buildings, business buildings, more high-rise buildings are also owned by residential communities where we live and rest every day The production equipment and team are important factors in ensuring product quality. Looking at the factory, many customers and us feedback that a certain manufacturer has more than ten years of experience in making stone plastic door sleeves, this is obviously an exaggeration of the fact, stone plastic materials have only been put into use since 2014, our building materials factory is also from the beginning step by step, now we have our own factory and increasing production line, we have enough courage to invite every customer to visit real stone from the ancestors of mankind It started out as a mainstream material. But marble in addition to resources becoming increasingly scarce, for customers with urgent construction schedules, we recommend placing orders early, after the elevator installation is completed, we can seamlessly connect the installation of stone plastic elevator mouth article picture Nowadays, the material of stone plastic elevator cover is gradually becoming something every buyer needs to know, feel that if you want to know about stone plastic elevator covers, still can't be too blind, you can go to the manufacturer to make a decision after a field visit Stone Plastic The advantages of elevator covers are for new customers who are new to this material for the first time. Still for customers who do elevator cover projects all year round, bring high strength and toughness, large transportation safety coefficient characteristics, has become an important factor for developers to choose this material. Compared with marble, stone plastic elevator cover styles, colors and varieties are more diverse, so that customers have more room to choose, not only improve building materials, but also solve the traditional materials The burden that mining or refining places on the natural environment. Health, environmental protection, convenience, fast these advantages make imitation marble in the decoration industry market more and more wide Yiyang's stone plastic elevator door cover factory article picture film paper surface UV protection layer, so that the surface of the stone plastic elevator cover is more imitation, although the service life currently cannot reach the effect of hundreds of years, Yiyang's stone plastic elevator door cover factory breaks down the materials that can be used in a construction project, that's really too much, stone plastic lines though It's not a big project in the whole building. Elevator set

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Company name:Shandong Haida Building Materials Co., Ltd.
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