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Our company is Shandong Ningjin Parkson Plastic Co., Ltd. Beijing branch, specializing in the production of all kinds of food grade hoses, plastic pipes, food delivery pipes, food hoses, wear-resistant food hoses, ventilation pipes and accessories, for decades committed to the development of plastic hoses, ventilation pipe industry, the production of a series of products through vacuum cleaners, machinery and equipment manufacturers for a long time and mass use, stable quality, and exported overseas, enjoys a good Reputation, its food-grade series hose products have passed FDA certification and plasticizer test reports. Today's professional wood processing equipment including debris recovery is constantly becoming more efficient, more precise and faster. All functions are decisive factors in choosing the best system in commercial and industrial fields. This growing demand is not only related to manufacturing standards, but also higher standards of auxiliary processes. PU woodworking vacuum hose can provide optimal service for the operating environment during processing. Parkson now offers a new generation of PU woodworking vacuum hoses specially optimized for this environment. PU woodworking vacuum hose is a hose specially designed to remove wood debris and debris. Specially selected raw materials with better wear resistance to different wood chips and debris and preservatives are adopted, and mechanical properties are improved. Product features: It can be bent arbitrarily, has a certain degree of elasticity, and can eliminate static electricity through steel wire. The pipe wall is made of German imported PU material embedded copper-plated spiral steel wire. The thickness of the pipe wall is 0.6mm-0.9mm. The inner wall is regular after bending, and there is no folding hard angle. Different colors can be customized, and flame-retardant, anti-static or FDA compliant hoses can be customized. Scope of application: especially suitable for dust removal and suction equipment, industrial vacuum cleaners, air conditioning and ventilation technology, dust and solid particle transport, etc. Operating temperature: minus 40 ℃ - 90 ℃ above zero, short time use can reach minus 125 ℃. Product advantages Material selection advantages: 1. TPU material: According to its manufacturer, its performance is also very different. The production of TPU materials is very demanding on the process, formula and equipment. There are a few manufacturers in the world, such as BASF Germany, Lubrizol of the United States, France Huntsman and Germany Bayer, etc., with advanced production equipment, technology and formula. Compared with the product advantages and performance indicators of well-known foreign TPU manufacturers, our raw materials are specially produced by BASF in Germany. Including polyester type, polyether type, flame retardant type, and antistatic type. 2. Steel wire: Currently, the steel wire used in the domestic market is basically the steel wire used to manufacture rubber tires. It has defects such as incomplete specifications, low hardness, small diameter, poor coating, and easy rust. Our company has its own electroplated steel wire production line, using high-quality steel wire, full specifications, high hardness, firm adhesion and not easy to rust, which completely solves the problems caused by chemical plating of copper. Performance advantages: 1. In addition to the good performance of the selected materials, the structure of the product also has a great impact on the service life of the product. Currently, most of the products on the market (including some foreign products) are organ-style structures. When the product is bent or folded, sharp creases will form on the inner wall of the tube. When conveying materials, it is very easy to cause wear and damage due to the small area of the crease. At the same time, the flow rate is affected due to the sharp and steep crease causing resistance to material transportation. Our products adopt a folding structure, and the sheet folds neatly in a certain direction when the product is bent or compressed. The unit wear area is increased when conveying materials, and the service life is improved. 2. The thickness of the bottom of the steel wire is another important factor affecting the service life. As we all know, when PU telescopic pipes are used, due to bending, the material flow first impacts the bottom of the steel wire at the right angle of the bend. If the bottom of the pipe's wire is too thin, it will cause the bottom of the wire to wear and fall off. Due to the different production processes, many manufacturers at home and abroad have this kind of problem. Our product production process (which has been patented by the state) basically solves the above problems due to the good cooling effect on the pipe wall and the thickening of the top and bottom pipe walls of the steel wire. Contact person: Fan Hua 020202020202020202QQ: 1720602596 Mobile phone: 1860105381102 15300054848020202 thousand fishing shop https://27232.qianyuwang.com/

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Company name:Ningjin Baisheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd
Company address:East of Huanghe Street, Ningjin Economic and Technological Development Zone, Dezhou City, Shandong Province

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