0.6 cm black pearl cherry seedlings 80 cm tall cherry saplings


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Solemn Chengruo: Yuemei Nursery Base in the High-tech Zone is a provincial base. The three-licensed company is licensed by the industry and commerce department. The sale and sale of large cherry seedlings is protected by law. The annual production of large cherry seedlings is 1 million finished seedlings of Gisela No. 5 and No. 6, 1 million semi-finished seedlings (shoots), and 2 million Gisela seedlings. 02 Dwarf varieties: Morning Big Fruit, Red Light, Dai Hong, Mei Zao, Cherry, Pioneer, Rabbins, Brooks, Samita, Renee, Italian Morning Red, etc. (600,000 ordinary large cherry seedlings of Johua). (The ripening period is in early May, middle, lower, and early June, with an average fruit weight of about -15 grams). Application and Performance of Big Cherry Zhanmu Gisela No. 5 Gisela is a triploid hybrid rootstock cultivated by interspecies hybridization between European sour cherry and gray hair leaf cherry. It was introduced to China in 1998 by Germany, and has a good affinity with most cherry varieties after testing. The tree shape naturally opens, and the dwarfing effect is extremely obvious. The degree of dwarfing is about 40% of the standard Mazard rootstock and 30% of the standard tree anvil. It is suitable for planting in a variety of soil types. It has obvious characteristics of early fruit, abundant yield, anti-virus, anti-salt and alkali resistance, cold resistance, can be planted in the north and south, and has high yield. In 2004, it was approved by the Forest Species Assessment Committee of the Forestry Administration (S-SV-PCP-014-2004). The performance of 1 Gisela 5 in application Judging from the open cultivation of gardens using Gisela 5 as a rootstock in recent years, the main performance is as follows. 1.1 Advantages 1.1.1 Results Early seedlings can hang fruit in the 2nd year after planting, and can show an abundant yield trend after the 4th year. Moreover, production has increased significantly year by year. Production began 1 year earlier than local trees that use Mahali as their rootstock. 1.1.2 The tree is about 2 meters tall relative to the short tree, which is 2/3 of the Mahali as the rootstock tree and 40% of the Mazard as the rootstock. Under the dense planting of large cherries in the early stages of development, the increase in yield showed a great advantage. 1.1.3 It is very easy for adult flowers to bloom well under different climatic conditions in recent years, and the quality of flower buds is high, and there are no poor growths. 1.1.4 Easy tree management and convenient picking. Save 40% in labor efficiency. The growth of the branches is relatively small, the chance of removing large branches during pruning is small, and the wounds are few and small, and it is not easy to cause the tree to flow glue. Cherry seedlings cultivated in this way should be vigorously developed and promoted nationwide as soon as possible, so as to increase farmers' economic income as soon as possible.

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Company name:Taian Yuemei Seedling Co., Ltd
Company address:Taian, Shandong

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