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Walnut seedlings 02020202 Walnuts are plants of the genus Juglans L. (Juglans L.). The genus is divided into 3 groups, about 20 species. Distributed in temperate and tropical regions of the two hemispheres. China produces 2 groups of 5 species and 1 variant, and is widely distributed in the north and south. The entries are 8518 walnuts, Xiangling walnuts, No. 1, Xinxin No. 2, thin shell incense, Zhonglin No. 5, thin shell, etc. 020202 Cultivation habits Zaodi walnuts are short-branched and dwarf walnut varieties. The canopy is small, but the results are dense! Generally, for land with deep soil and good fertilizer conditions, the recommended planting density is 3 meters x 4 meters, and 56 plants are planted per mu; for relatively barren hillside hilly land, the recommended planting density is 2.5 meters x 3.5 meters, and 76 trees are planted per mu. Compared with other varieties, the Zaodi variety does not need to be matched with pollinating trees, because the male and female flowering periods of this variety are almost the same. With pollination trees, there is no obvious yield. Instead, the fruit is uneven, affecting the value of the commodity. The reason for the high yield of the Zaodi variety is that this variety not only tops flowers and fruits, but also results in all side branches and side shoots. Therefore, after planting seedlings, there is basically no need for any pruning! The stress resistance of the Zaodi variety is very strong. In southwest Lu, walnuts have had many diseases in recent years, the disease is serious, especially when the walnut fruit is about to ripen, the phenomenon of falling fruit and rotten fruit is obvious; and the Zaodi variety has almost no rotten fruit or fruit fall. Until the walnuts are ripe and harvested, the leaves are still dark green. It can be seen that this variety grows well and has strong disease resistance! Early Emperor walnuts have strong fruit properties. The flowering results of grafted seedlings in the year they were planted, and more than 70% of the original seedlings were planted that year. Not only can it be planted on hillsides and hills, but if the soil is deep and flat, the yield will be higher! Early Emperor walnuts are resistant to cold and drought, but are afraid of flooding. Especially during the rainy season, some low-lying plots with shallow soil must be well drained. Otherwise, some diseases of a nature such as root rot and leaf blight are prone to occur, thus affecting tree growth and even survival rates. Information: What representatives of the Tonghua Walnut Seedling Planting Base can reveal mainly focused on one article, that is, the parties involved in the meeting were seriously divided on whether to agree to the “withdrawal from federal power” clause. However, Bliss said the outrageous impact on the average Australian family competing in the suburbs had little impact. People always like a place, and “have it” is an indispensable reason. When reading Qiu Yanming's “The Beauty of Humanity,” if you don't expect to calm down and reflect on the lack of “humanity” in our daily lives, if official addiction is too heavy and the desire for promotion is too strong, they will neglect to do things and compete for fame and profit. At the time of the reporter's interview, no person in charge of the property party came forward to respond to the matter.

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